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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 12:43:20 -0600
-Andrew Strom.


It is difficult to put into words how awesome I found last weekend's 
"Call to the Remnant" gathering in Pittsburgh. -Healings, 
deliverances, transformed lives, agonizing prayer, wonderfully 
'revived' people - it was amazing. Two groups of fire-filled young 
people from California and Detroit - and even some from the 
Caribbean - helped spark the whole thing to a whole new level. It 
had to be at least equal-to or better than the most powerful 
gatherings I have attended. And the amount of PRAYER made it a 
sheer joy to preach. I don't think I have ever preached under a 
more powerful anointing anywhere. A big thankyou to all those 
who prayed. -It made such a difference. We even saw remarkable 
healings on the streets.

Have you ever been amongst a group of young people who actually 
know how to 'AGONIZE' in prayer? -Who pray all night to get an 
anointing to take out onto the streets the next day? I cannot tell 
you how encouraging and inspiring it is to be around young 
firebrands like that. It gave this old Revivalist a lot of joy - I can tell 
you that. And it truly resulted in MIRACLES. (You can hear some 
of these young people 'agonizing' in prayer in one of the audio 
clips below. -Highly recommended if you want to be INSPIRED).


On Monday we had a street outreach in the Projects. I was with 
several of the young people from California and Detroit. One of the 
girls had just got filled with the Holy Spirit the day before - and 
during a whole night of prayer she had received from God a 
powerful healing anointing. We were in a parking lot behind a 
dilapidated old apartment building when around the corner shuffled 
an old lady with a walking stick. -She was perhaps in her late 50's 
but looked like she was at death's door. She said she had diabetes, 
a bad heart and legs that were hardly working. -But she believed
in Jesus and in prayer.

Two of the young people's hands were shaking as the power of 
God flowed and we all prayed for this woman. (-Turns out her son 
had been shot just up the road and was in prison). First her legs 
were healed, then her heart, and then seemingly ALL OF HER. 
She left CARRYING her walking stick - and on the way back
passed by us again - marching along TWIRLING her stick in the 
air and radiantly telling us God had healed her. Glory to Jesus!

That was just one of the miraculous things that took place over the 
weekend. It was such a delight to be there. We will be hooking up 
with these fiery young people again in the future, I am sure.

There are 3 audio clips from the weekend now posted on our website-

(1) "A CALL TO AGONIZING PRAYER" (-includes audio of some 
   of these young people praying. -PLEASE LISTEN!)

   David (-a.k.a "David Servant")

   Andrew Strom.

To download these audio clips, you will find them at the top right 
of the following website-


Please take a listen and give us some feedback from this powerful
weekend, my friends.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.