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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:44:06 +1300
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Date sent:      	Thu, 23 Oct 2003 23:36:11 EDT

Exposing False 'Love'
-by Clo DiPilato. 

Early this morning,  I had a dream after being up in prayer 
much of the night.  This dream was not deep at all, and very 
easy to understand. The dream itself is it's own interpretation.

In my dream,  I was in a city that sort of reminded me of 
Market Street in Philadelphia... I think that's the street 
where there are lots of little shops, and the "in-crowd" goes 
to hang out, if I'm remembering the city right. (Interestingly, 
Philadelphia does mean 'Brotherly Love .')  I saw three 
shops that had their door opened to the streets.   In one 
shop, it was obvious something of religion was going on 
that had nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was 
very blatantly some pagan religious service going on, 
even though it was just a small shop.   

In the next shop,  I saw three men sitting.  One looked just 
like Jesus, like any picture you might see in a Christian 
store of Jesus.  He even had a "glow" about Him (if it was 
truly Him.) He was sitting off on a little couch looking very 
"Jesus" like.  At a desk was a distinguishedly dressed 
man, like a well-honored, scholarly Bible teacher.   I was 
aware of another man in the room, but don't recall his 
appearance, and don't think I ever really saw him clearly.  
But he was there.   The third shop, I was aware of, but 
didn't know much about what was going on there.    

I stood there wondering if the people in that shop were truly 
the Lord's people, and if that was truly the REAL Jesus. My 
heart was searching for the answer as I felt like I wanted to 
worship the Lord, and bring my friend that was with me to 
worship the Lord, too.   I didn't want to connect her to 
something that was not truly God.  

On the outside of this shop, and suddenly in front of my face, 
these words began to appear:
"For there shall arise false Christs..... [the part about false 
prophets was not in my dream] and shall show great signs 
and wonders... (from Matthew 24:24.)  

In the dream, I felt myself then more furiously and pensively  
within searching for the right answer to satisfy my need for 

And then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, 
and yet with a sudden and holy unction, I said to the woman 
I was with.... someone I was apparently "discipling", and I 
looked her in the eye, and I said to her:

"The true followers of Jesus Christ, the true disciples of 
Jesus Christ, will be known for the love they have one 
toward another."

It was such a simple little word, void of flashing lightening, 
or thunderbolts, or appearances of angels... but I knew I 
had spoken the Word of the Lord, and the feeling that filled 
my inner being was one of great satisfaction that I had 
broken through to revelation every bit as much as if I had 
given a word of the Lord for any "deeper life"  website or 
publication. I looked this woman in the eye, and I felt the 
fire of God that I was imparting TRUTH to her.  

Suddenly the scene changed.   I found myself in what 
appeared to be a "storefront" church.    I was on the front 
row waiting for the service to begin, and people were 
walking in off the street, and the front of the church was 
near the entrance into this church. A young couple came 
into be part of the service. They seemed not to be able to 
agree on where they would sit. 

This couple also had with them a very active little two year 
old girl. There was no way this child would be still.  I began 
to envision her running  back and forth between them in the 
service, whining, giggling, carrying on, not able to be still.  
That little thing would end up being a great interruption and 
annoyance to my being able to concentrate on the service.   
And then I woke up, and the Spirit spoke to me to consider 
how I would deal with that situation if I were in it in reality.  
How would I react toward that young couple that had come 
to church with a feisty two-year old, obviously by their 
dress not regular "church" people. They were in jeans, 
heavy jackets, he had a motorcycle helmet, and she looked 
just plain rough and unrefined in every way.

I would go directly to the mother, and in the most syruppy-
sweet and understanding way, offer to take the baby to the 
nursery so that the mother could "enjoy the meetings."   
Certainly better than other attitudes, but still somewhat 
"phony".   I"m not really thinking of that mother.  I am 
thinking of my own convenience, and getting rid of the 
annoyance of a distracting child.  

So, I've spent my day pondering, how would the TRUE 
LOVE that the TRUE SAINTS have one toward another 
handle such a situation?   And here is what I'm getting 
from the Spirit now.  And remember, I'm preaching to the 

God's people are so taken up with making good 
impressions when they have conferences and special 
meetings.  People come to your  "love feasts"  and "oooh" 
and "aaah" about how much "love"   you show, and what 
great servants you are one to another.  You drip with honey 
sweetness and gooey mushy love words of acceptance 
toward your visitors. Yes, you are very impressive, and 
people leave your conferences and they cannot say enough 
GOOD about your church and your ministry.   But what 
happens when the "show" is over?  What happens when the 
special meetings are over, and the visiting preachers and 
conference attendees go home?   You fast and pray for the 
glow of the glory and the beauty of holiness to be all over 
you when you know "someone special" is coming.   But 
rarely do you make any such special effort for those ones 
who are faithful to you week by week and are the true 
reason you can even SAY you HAVE a ministry!!  

The Lord is looking at how we treat each other, the people 
we must LIVE with, day by day. He is seeing our attitudes 
and judgments of one another.  He is seeing when we leave 
someone out of the party, and just don't care.  He sees 
when we go with the "herd mentality" against one poor little 
saint who has been singled out to receive the "refrigerator" 
treatment.  He sees when we are checking to see which 
way the "wind is blowing" when we decide who will be our 
friends. God is not fooled. These are the "spots" in your 
"feasts of charity". When there is one face for the people of 
God who come to visit and a different face for the people of 
God whom you live with and fellowship with week by week, 
my dear friends, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!   

The Lord is grieved, and VERY GRIEVED, and it's time for 
the saints to learn how to truly love one another, and it's 
NOT starting at your next conference. It's starting in your 
midweek service, and in your Lady's Bible Study, and in 
your "Men's Fellowship"meeting, and how you treat another 
struggling little mother with a difficult child.... it's time for 
the TRUE LOVE OF GOD to be manifested!!  

God is going to start tearing up some carpet, and pulling 
back the covers, and the way you treat the people of God 
"in secret" is going to be exposed for all to see... The Holy 
Ghost is saying strongly, the covers are being pulled OFF 
of  how life REALLY is "at home" when you think no one 
else knows or cares. You can even look at some of the 
"reality" tv shows where they show people in real-life 
situations as prophetic of  what is coming in the Spirit in 
His Church .  God is saying the REAL YOU and the REAL 
ME is coming out for all to see, and there is not going to 
be any hiding behind impressive gifts and ministries and 
talents and connections.   

Beloved, I cannot fake the love of God if I don't really have 
it. And I had best not even try.   It's time to dig into the 
Word, and get a revelation of the love of God, of the deep 
love of God because we are coming into a time of strong 
and horrible delusion even more than what we are now in, 

It's not going to be our revelations that will prove we are of 
God. It won't be our amazing "open visions". It is not going 
to be our hands dripping with oil when we pray over people... 
It won't be the "blue glory cloud" hanging low in a meeting 
where everyone is getting slain in the Spirit (and I"ve 
actually seen such a  thing.)  The devil can imitate every 
last one of those things. But, he will never be able to imitate 
the true love of God which is shed abroad in our hearts by 
the Holy Ghost!!   

Beloved, I want the REAL JESUS who  is the HEAD of the 
It's the HOLY GHOST that makes us LOVE ONE  ANOTHER!!  

They will KNOW we are Christians by our love!!  

All Glory and Praise to His Name,

Clo DiPilato.