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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 10:58:49 -0600
-by Josef Urban.

[-One of the young men from Detroit who was at the Pittsburgh
After Andrew left the Lord continued to move in power on the streets 
of Pittsburgh. 

First, I began to get cold, so I walked to Patrick's van to get my 
hat. When I opened the door and grabbed it, the Lord said, "PRAY". 
So I got in and began to be hit with a heavy burden as I prayed. 
After a little time, I felt the burden lift and a rush of peace. So I got 
out, and walked across the street to where Patrick and Jose were 
witnessing to a man. I was about to speak, and the Spirit said, 
"No. Go stand in front of the truck" (where the supplies were set 
up). So I went over in front of the truck and stood there communing 
with the Lord. Then I saw that the young lady who had never seen 
anybody saved on the street was witnessing to a man, and I got 
the witness of the Spirit that I should go help. 

So got out my pocket Bible and began to take him through some 
scriptures. He thought he was saved, but soon was convinced he 
was a total false convert. He got crushed with conviction and teared 
up. After a while of witnessing, he said he was going to repent. I 
talked about counting the cost, forsaking all, and giving Jesus 
EVERYTHING. We ended up going behind the truck and he 
dropped down on his knees, confessed his sin, repented, and gave 
his life to Jesus. Then we prayed for him to be filled with the Holy 
Spirit and counseled him on renouncing strongholds in his life and 
commanding them out, among other things. It was rather glorious! 
(Too bad there was no place around to baptize him, I don't know 
what to do in such a situation). 

While this was happening, Patrick and some others were witnessing 
to an older lady who had terrible leg trouble. She could hardly walk 
and had a cane. The lady had been hit by a truck and the bones in 
her legs were totally crushed. Patrick laid hands on her legs and 
prayed, and the Lord said "I won't heal her. She has unforgiveness". 
He dealt with her some more, and she confessed her sin and 
renounced it, then he prayed again. Then the power of the Lord 
showed up and she got totally healed! The strength in her legs was 
restored and her face lit up like a billion watt bulb as she started 
walking with no pain on her own!!! When I saw her later she was 
walking around fast and carrying her cane! 

There was another man later who had terrible pressure in his brain 
like it was swelling. He said it had been like that for years. The 
young lady who the Lord blessed with gifts of healing and Patrick 
prayed for him, and he said the pressure totally left for the first 
time in years. He said it was like he had recieved a new head. 
Then, he told us about his ankle, how that he was walking on ice 
and slipped, and broke it. His foot had turned 180 degrees and 
pointed backward when he went to the hospital, they broke it back 
forward, and put mulitple srcews in the sides of his ankle to keep 
in straight. He could only move it straight up and down slightly, 
but could not move it round or turn it sideways, not even a little 
because of the screws. They prayed, the power of the Lord 
prevailed, and then said "Do something you couldn't do." So he 
walked and put more weight on it and tried to turn his foot sideways. 
He could a little bit but not fully, testifying he couldn't do that before. 
So they prayed again. Then the man receieved FULL MOTION in 
his foot and tilted it side to side and twirled it around in circles! 
Again, this was previously impossible - the guy had screws in the 
sides - it would break before he could tilt it sideways. He said he 
couldn't feel the screws any more and feeling started to return to 
his foot where the nerves had been dead. I saw this whole thing 
take place right in front of my eyes - the Lord is amazing. Of 
course we preached Jesus to him, and told him to go and sin no more! 

This is just a very small taste of what the Lord is about to do. May 
He get all the glory. May the Lord continue to raise up this army 
of Gospel soldiers who storm the streets of this nation in the power 
of the Holy Ghost and pound the gates of Hell with the battle cry: 
"VICTORY IN JESUS". We're well able with God with us to take 
the land in the name of Jesus! And by His grace we're going to 
unite together and take it or die trying!!! 
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