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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:27:56 -0600
-Andrew Strom.

I have been receiving some very powerful testimonies from people
who have been deeply affected listening to the "Agonizing Prayer"
audio that is on our website. Many say that it brings them into
that kind of prayer themselves, and they begin to cry out to God
as they listen. (-Some of these testimonies are below).

I am currently working on holding a weekly "Conference Call
Prayer Meeting" so we can all pray together around the world for
God to pour down His mercy - and I have asked some of these 
young people from that Prayer Meeting to help lead it. (-I should 
be announcing this next week).

In the meantime, if you can, please go to the top right of our 
website and PRAY ALONG with the audio there - which is entitled- 
"A CALL TO AGONIZING PRAYER". I believe if we do this, God 
could really begin to move in our midst. This is the kind of praying 
that brings down REVIVAL. -Desperate, agonized, travailing 
prayer. Will you join in, my friends?

Below are several testimonies from people who listened to this audio:

Vicki writes:
"I listened to "agonizing prayer" last night - needless to say when 
I did finally sleep... I dreamed of revival... But this morning I awoke 
in wailing tears....  I don't know what to do !!!!! I am not sure I can 
stop this weeping to go to work tomorrow."

Tom writes:
"I listened to "A call to agonizing prayer."  This is a powerful 
message and an amazing time of prayer. I was so blessed. I have 
been in very few prayer meetings like that. There was one time 
that such an agonizing and grieving spirit came upon me that I 
just wept for souls as I prayed for them but it has not happened 
often. I really felt a part of the prayer time as I listened to it. May 
God allow such a spirit of agony and intercession to fall upon the
believers.... "When Zion travailed she brought forth her children."" 

Gramma writes:
"On occasion during prayer with my son Andrew I did not 
understand why he agonized so as he did in prayer. Now I do. It 
is the same agony I heard on these young people in the audio...
the Holy Spirit of repentance. This is a generation I believe God is 
raising up to take back the land by the mighty power of repentant 
prayer, and a turning of their hearts wholly toward God."

Lynn writes:
"I just finished listening to the audio - "A Call to Agonizing Prayer" 
and all I can do is cry and agonize with them. Pretty much left 
without many words. Very humbling... The Lord put on my heart 
this morning to post "A Cry Throughout the Land" and after listening 
to this I now understand... I pray everyone on here will go and 
listen to "A call to Agonizing Prayer". It is the heart cry of the 
Father to us. May we be faithful to hear His cry and obedient to 
repentance and prayer."

This audio - 'A CALL TO AGONIZING PRAYER' can be 
downloaded from the TOP RIGHT of the following website-



And God bless you all in your praying, my friends.

-Andrew Strom.