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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:05:04 -0600
NOTE:  Below is an urgent prayer request from two young men
who minister powerfully in the slums of Detroit. Their names are
Josef and Patrick, and - like the young people from California -
they had a big impact at the recent gathering in Pittsburgh. They 
will speak at another gathering in Michigan in a couple of  weeks - 
but in the meantime they have an URGENT PRAYER REQUEST 
concerning a gang they have been ministering to:


-by Josef Urban & Patrick Ersig.

Here in Detroit, we recently saw a chief gang leader come to the 
Lord and get filled with the Holy Ghost. 

He was sent last week to our preaching spot to "spy us out" and 
ended up getting hit with the Spirit of God and repented of all of 
his sin and gave his life to Jesus. 

Well, he has been doing AWESOME, he's got a definite anointing 
on him now, with the gift of word of knowledge (he can supernaturally 
quote all kinds of Scripture that he's never known). 

Tomorrow, he is planning on bringing out a crew from one of 
Detroit's gangs to hear us preach and consider what we say. There 
is a very good chance they may come to the Lord. He is able to 
gather groups of gang members that we cannot. 


Update - Update:

I received a voice mail this morning from the leader and he did 
NOT sound good. He said that there was a big gang fight last night 
and it sounds like he got beat down pretty bad for deciding to 
follow Jesus. He sounded like he was really hurting, but he said 
he is staying strong lifting up "the blood stained banner of Jesus 
as a good soldier and warrior of the cross" He asked for prayer. I
assume the altercation was with the militant Muslim gang called 
Allahu Akbar. Please pray that God renders them powerless.... 

LAST UPDATE  (-Sun night, ie. last night)

This whole original plan has been thrown for a big loop. Nothing 
has gone as planned... 

The gang leader brother (we'll call him "Jack") came back with us 
to Patrick's place yesterday to hang out with us and spend the 
night. Everything was going awesome - eating, fellowshipping, 
talking about the things of God. We all got so fired up that we 
decided to head back down to the city to feed the homeless and 
preach the Word. "Jack" wanted us to stop by his park to scope 
things out, and when we got there, the police had the area taped 
off. There were two people dead. "Jack" got out, and ended up 
getting picked up by the police overnight for trying to go through 
to the crime scene. 

"Jack" was waiting for us at the preaching spot today. The air 
was tense. There were some serious gangsters perched out 
round about the place with the orders to take out anybody that 
messed with us, and there were others as well that weren't on 
their side. It wasn't good at all to say the least. We left after about 
10 minutes and "Jack" came with us. 

After some discussion, we realized that the Enemy is trying to 
draw us into some gang war situations and ruin us, to make it 
short. It's pretty serious down there. Long story short, we laid it 
down for "Jack" that he has to count the cost and can't be affiliated 
with these gangsters and Christ at the same time. He said he's 
coming out for good, but not alone, he's bringing others with him.
Just now, Jack called us and we went down to meet him. He had 
a prostitute with him that wanted to "get out" and follow Jesus 
now, but there were some complications with her pimp as well 
making it hard to come out, so Jack is her protector, and he's torn 
between "turning the other cheek" and fighting to protect these 
ladies from their pimp gangs - PRAY! We picked them up, got the 
dear lady something to eat, and brought them back to the house 
and got her some clothes. The prostitute repented of her sin, and 
got an impartation of the Holy Ghost with the peace and joy of 
Christ - totally transformed. Patrick and them just left to drop them 
back off on the streets in Detroit. 

Also, Jack's got a whole crew, I'm not sure, maybe about 13 or 
so people, that Patrick is going to preach to tomorrow down at a 
local mission center - at least that seems to be the plan right 
now. Jack wants him to preach the Word, lay it all down about 
following Christ and counting the cost, and pray for them all. It 
looks like the opportunity we've been waiting for. 

The devil's been throwing his monkey wrench in this thing BIG 
TIME, but the Lord is going to work it all out for good. Oh, to see 
the hope and joy on that ex-prostitute's face about 15 minutes 
ago, it's priceless!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY for this WHOLE SITUATION!!! 


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