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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:12:32 -0600

(1) GANG LEADER Update
   -by Patrick Ersig. 

We are dealing with first things first. Jack is now staying with us 
and being discipled and strengthened in the Lord! We feel it 
necessary to get and keep Jack off the streets and away from the 
gangs and hustle of the streets - this is how the devil wants to 
draw him back in. We are seeking the Lord on the timing as to 
when we will set up a meeting with all the rest of the gang members - 
we feel it is important to get Jack grounded and strong in the Lord first. 

Please keep us in prayer with this situation and that the Lord will 
guide us as to His timing not ours. We do expect a big turnout 
this weekend and many of the gang members to be there, but we 
are unsure how this is to work out with Jack being there or not 
and other details - please pray for wisdom and guidance. 

Also, please pray for Button!! She is a prostitute and addict who 
gave her life to the Lord and was filled with the Spirit. We had no 
place to take her at the time so she was back on the streets. 
(-We are curently seeking the means for a building to get these 
baby Christians off the streets ) Her pimp found her and is now 
holding her in fear and intimidation. We have gone to try to find 
her but we have yet to locate her. The wickedness this man and 
his gang does to this woman is unspeakable. She is in danger. 
Please pray that the Lord protects her and gives her comfort in 
what she is enduring. Also, please pray that the Lord helps us to 
find her. And last but not least please pray for these men who 
have her, that the Lord will save their soul and remove them from 
being an obstacle and bring them to repentance and into his kingdom. 

Thank you so much for all you prayers - God is good!!! 
    -Simantov Allalouf 

June 6th 2007 will be the fortieth anniversary of Israel regaining 
Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. It is very obvious pretty much 
every Israeli citizen in Israel knows deep down in their knower that 
war is on the horizon, and not just another short battle but 
something much more serious. 

Who will be in this next war? And how will Israel respond? Many 
are wondering and many are nervous, because the resolve to win 
is not in our current government. There is just to much talk of 
compromise with the enemy as well as almost weekly reports of 
another leader being investigated for corruption or immoral 
behaviour. No doubt Israel faces a season of great testing in the 
near future. A testing from the Lord I believe because we have 
entered the end time of a critical period; forty years since the 
historic reunification of Jerusalem with Israel and her people. It was 
over nineteen hundred years in waiting for this reunification, but 
have the Israelites failed in their position of this great city? I believe 
the Lord is about to reveal this to the world. And from what is 
heard from back room negotiations it appears the government of 
Israel is actually working a deal with Israel's enemies to once 
again divide Jerusalem. God forbid that this evil plan would begin 
to be put in place in 2007 (or any other year for that matter). But 
time will tell if we have failed as a nation in the eyes of the Lord. It 
is the Lord who holds the keys to Jerusalem and not Olmert or 
any other man, including the likes of G.W. Bush in America or 
any from the quartet.

But in keeping with these ideas I am reprinting a word Wayne 
Hilsden received earlier this year to remind us of the late hour of 
history in which we live:


Wayne Hilsden is pastor of King of Kings, the largest church in 
Jerusalem. Recently, as he was walking on a street in Jerusalem, 
he had an amazing prophetic experience. He glanced at his watch 
to see the time. It read 11:45. Then, as he continued looking at 
his watch, it began to accelerate, moving at four-second intervals 
instead of one-second intervals. He thought to himself, "Something 
is wrong with my watch. I need to have it repaired." At that very
moment, God spoke to him, saying, "There is nothing wrong with 
your watch. I am speeding up time." 1 


When Wayne returned to his office he received a confirming phone 
call. It was from the chief Askenaize Rabbi. The Rabbi said, 
"Pastor Wayne, the Lord has shown me that it is 15 minutes to 
twelve on G-d's prophetic timepiece for the Jewish people. G-d has 
also spoken to several of my Rabbi friends this same word. The 
Messiah is coming soon." 

Later, Pastor Wayne received another call from another Rabbi. 
"Can I have coffee with you? He asked. This particular Rabbi 
heads up a political group that opposes missionary activity in 
Israel. This Rabbi wanted to talk to Pastor Wayne about the 
lateness of the hour and Messiah's soon coming. 

An End Time Generation 

This year at Rosh Hashanah (September 23, 2006) we ushered in 
the 40th year since the Six Day War, during which time Jerusalem 
became a united city. This holds great significance because it 
measures a generation of time (Luke 21: 30). These are the days 
when all prophecies concerning Israel and the church will be
fulfilled. The hour of Israel's redemption has come. If God has 
accelerated time so that four seconds are as one second, then 
the time is not 15 minutes before 12 o'clock, but rather, 3.8 
minutes before twelve. 

Jesus warned, "And except those days should be shortened, 
there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake, those 
days shall be shortened." (Matt. 24:22) 

One of the most important and most neglected messages of the 
church today is the message of Jesus' second coming. Our fear of 
controversy has caused us to put this truth aside keeping silent on 
this vitally important, life-giving truth. Jesus is coming soon. In the 
Old Testament, there are twenty times as many prophecies about 
Jesus' second coming as there are about His first advent. In the 
260 chapters of the New Testament, the second coming is 
mentioned 380 times. It is truly a most important topic. 

May the church restore again the fourth dimension of the four 
square Gospel. Jesus is Saviour, Jesus in Healer, Jesus is the 
Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and Jesus is the soon coming King! 

Blessing and Grace to you, 
-Bob Brasset.

SOURCE:  www.wordfromyerushalaim.com