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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 10:58:07 -0600
"REVIVAL ARMY" is LAUNCHED - Dec 7, 2006
-Andrew Strom.


On top of the 'agonizing' prayer and the healings on the streets
and many other powerful things - the recent gathering in Pittsburgh
was a pivotal moment in other ways also. Two young men from
Detroit brought a word to the Conference that bore witness with
nearly everyone present. It was a word about a "REVIVAL ARMY"
and that the time for it is NOW. All I could say was 'Amen!'

They not only brought this word to the group - they also brought
it to me personally. Now, I guess this may be hard to understand,
but I have carried a vision for such an army going back DECADES.
-A 'street' army like the early Salvation Army. -An army of holy 
warriors for Jesus - working miracles and preaching repentance
on the streets. -A 'youth' army of daring radicals - ministering 
to the prostitutes and the homeless and the gang members - 
going to the places where "nice" people won't go. 

To be honest, I had almost given up hope that I would ever see 
such a thing. But there is something stirring right now. -A hunger 
and a desperation and an expectancy. I heard it in the 'agonizing 
prayer' at Pittsburgh. I heard it last Friday night in our Conference
Call Prayer meeting. All over the nation something is stirring. For 
me personally, Pittsburgh was the turning point. I believe it is time
to FIGHT for this generation of youth before all is lost.

It seems that the Revival Army is to be nationwide in the USA 
from the beginning. Leaders already involved include:-  Darren 
Smith (Texas), Rick Walth (-'Katrina base' - soon to be in Detroit), 
Randy Benham (Oregon), Giancarlo and his young team of prayer-
warriors (Los Angeles), Patrick Ersig & Josef Urban (Detroit), and 
myself (-the Strom family is soon to be based in Phoenix for four 
months by the leading of the Lord). We have groups in Nebraska, 
Ohio and North Carolina already strongly interested in joining. I 
believe there will be many more.

This whole thing is to be built around the TRUE GOSPEL and
ministering to the POOR in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT - with
HEALINGS and DELIVERANCE on the streets.

Here are the qualities you need to become part of this-
Basically what you need is a ZEAL and a HUNGER and a radical 
fire for the Lord. If you are YOUNG, get in touch with us. (-Much 
of this is to be a 'Youth' Army - in fact it already is). If you are the 
leader of a STREET TEAM, get in touch with us. If you move
powerfully in healing, miracles or deliverance - get in touch with us.
(-There are many youth who need to be trained in these things).

Of course we will need Intercessors and helpers of every kind. 
-This is to be an ALL-AGES campaign and no-one is to be left out. 
But right now we need to build the initial infrastructure around 
already-existing Street-teams and young people and those who
walk in a 'miracle' anointing. We have to start with this as a
base and build from there. More and more will be involved as
this army grows. -But we desperately need everyone's PRAYERS 
right now.  

So this email is a "trumpet call". We are asking you to respond. 
The 'first wave' that we need to hear from are the YOUTH and the 
-Please REPLY to this email if that is you.

If you want, you can simply hang out and PRAY with us for awhile.
(-We hold our Revival Army prayer meetings on Wednesdays -
ie. TONIGHT - via phone hookup. It is powerful. Join us and pray 
with young people and street teams from all over the country).

If this sounds like you, or you feel called to be part of something 
like this, then please REPLY to this email and I will forward the 
details of these prayer meetings and other information to you.

And again I ask the wider Body - please bathe this whole thing in
PRAYER if you can. -This is so crucial.

My email is- prophetic@...

I look forward to your replies, my friends.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.