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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 14:57:03 -0600
Forwarded by:   Intercessors for New Zealand (Dec 20, 2006).



You will be aware of the severe drought conditions in parts of
Australia, and the subsequent bush fires, that are destroying large
areas of land, farms, forests, homes and properties.  Christians in
Australia were called to 40 days of prayer to seek God’s face
concerning this extremely serious situation and were asked to
share what they believed God was saying through this.  This
Prayer Update shares with you the results of what was received
by the Australian Prayer Network.

Please pray for Australia, this very serious situation, and what
God is saying to them.


Thank you to all who took part in the 40 Days of seeking the face
of God which has now concluded, and especially to those who
contributed what they believed God revealed to them during that
time.  Due to the large number who responded we believe we can
say with confidence that the Lord has spoken to us through His
word given to His people.

It has become abundantly clear through the words and Scriptures
received that God is very serious about the state of His Body and
the resultant negative impact it is having on our Nation.  Unless
there is a spiritual turning back to Him by those who are called by
His name then the physical conditions currently being experienced
across our Nation will only continue to deteriorate.

In compiling this report we sought firstly to ascertain if there were
any common Scriptures through which God spoke to our members
as reported by them

There were of course dozens of different Scriptures submitted,
mostly from the books of the law and the prophetic books of the
Old Testament.  That is not surprising given that most of the
references to drought, its cause and impact, are in the Old
Testament.  We do however need to interpret the word of the Lord
through the cross and the New Testament revelation that God has
given us through His Son.  That in no way changes the fact that
the overwhelming response called for by virtually every submission
was repentance and a turning back to God by individuals, Church and Nation.

The seven most quoted Scriptures received over the 40 days were
the following:
2 Chronicles 7:13-15
Psalm 68:6-10
Isaiah 58 (full chapter)
Jeremiah 3:2-5
Micah 6:8
Haggai 1:2-14
Malachi 4:1-6

Whilst the Chronicles passage dominated, as expected, the
Haggai passage was the "wildcard".  This passage was actually
mentioned in submissions some 4 times more often than the
other passages and clearly contains the word of the Lord to us at
this time.  It is interesting that between all passages there is not
only the message of repentance but also of redemption and what
we must do to find our way back to God.  The Isaiah passage is a
clear example of that in that it contains both clear instructions as
to how God sees us His people at this time, and then goes on to
outline the nature of the response He seeks from us.

It is not our intention at this time to delve into each passage and
try to interpret all that God is saying to us.  That is for all of us to
do now that the word of the Lord has become clearer to us.  It
does not mean either that other Scriptures people received were
not relevant or correct.  It is however important in an exercise of
this nature to highlight the most frequently quoted Scriptures as
focusing the word of the Lord to us corporately at this time.

Secondly we sought to understand the major sins that were
grieving the heart of God.  Whilst there were a large number of
different terms used to describe specific sins we believe we could
list the vast majority under the following headings:

Lack of Intimacy with God (includes but not limited to unbelief,
disunity, lukewarmness, compromise, self centeredness, etc).
Idolatry (includes but not limited to pride, arrogance, self reliance,
witchcraft, worship of other gods, materialism and greed, etc).
Sexual Immorality (includes but not limited to homosexuality,
adultery, fornication, pornography, sexual abuse, etc).
Shedding of Innocent Blood (includes but not limited to abortion,
cloning, massacre of first nation people, euthanasia, suicide, etc).
Broken Covenants (includes but not limited to divorce, unfaithfulness,
disobedience to God, etc).
Injustice (includes but not limited to lack of care and concern for
the poor widows, fatherless, oppressed, etc).

There are many more sub-points that could be added under each
heading, and again that is up to each person to seek God as to
those He specifically wants each of us to address in our own lives
and the life of the Church and Nation.

There was an overwhelming expression that God was not interested
in our words of repentance unless our hearts were also changed,
evidenced by a measurable turning back to a more intimate and
obedient walk with God. There was also a strong expression that
we should not just pray for rain, but to expect that rain will come
as a result of our lives being reconciled with God's purposes for us
as His people and nation.

Where to from here?

As we considered what response we should make, we felt that it
was necessary to give all praying Australians the opportunity to
respond to the word of the Lord. We are therefore in the final
stages of planning a National response that will provide opportunity
for all who wish to respond to be able to do so either in Canberra,
our Nation's capital, or at local events across the nation.…

Thank you again for your commitment to walk this pathway of
radical obedience with us.

~Source:  Australian Prayer Network