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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 19:26:44 -0700
ANDREW STROM - briefly:  I have believed for a long time that
what has been driving many people into the "Out of church"
wilderness is a kind of prophetic 'depression' at the state of the
church. A lot of them have a prophetic nature and calling - and 
they feel God's anguish over the condition of His church very 
deeply. And they just can't stand to see some of the things that 
are happening in the churches. So they are quite simply driven out. 
I believe this "prophetic depression" is very common. But I also 
believe that the true remnant of God - if they can just "trust" one 
another enough to gather together - are about to come into a time
of a 'new wineskin' that will not grieve the Spirit of God within them. 
I believe it is time to actively move toward that "new wineskin" right
now. Certainly that is where God is personally leading us this 
year - towards something that I hardly dared hope could exist - but 
I now believe can be a reality. Anyone else sensing the same thing?
... Below is a rather heart-rending example of 'prophetic depression'. 
Perhaps you can relate!...

by Spitfire (-USA).

-A response to Josef Urban's word - "JUDGMENT is ALREADY HERE!"	

Hello Josef.  My friend sent me a copy of your post by email... 
This is a true word and warning from God, in my opinion. I have 
this same passion and conviction, but it has nearly driven me 
crazy. I believed that I could cry aloud in the church and everyone 
would be, as you wrote, "glad to see me". But, alas, I was 
rejected fervently and deeply wounded. I went away sad. In fact, I 
have sunk into a deep depression because I haven't known what 
to do with myself. In the midst of it all, my husband got saved on 
Father's Day of this year. That has been like a beacon to me that 
God is still with me. But... my husband wanted to "find" a church 
for us to get involved in and we did. It's a brand new upstart church 
which meets in a local High School, just a handful of people, so 
they haven't had time to grow into a full picture of Babylon. Yet, I 
can see that their vision is the same as every other church. 

They're nice and they have embraced my husband and he loves 
to go there, but the "lie" is really nagging me. I have wrestled with 
a lot of confusion, thinking that perhaps I am the crazy, 
judgemental one. I don't really say much there. We've only been 
there since about October, so I have just been trying to figure out 
what God wants from me.

I want to say a word or two about this way of thinking. It has made 
me think that I am crazy. For 3 years now, I have been struggling 
with bouts of deep depression, because there are so few who 
agree. I wrestle with thinking that I am just a nobody. Why should 
anyone listen to me? I am constantly trying to figure out if I'm 
"right" or am I just crazy? Recently, I too, had a dream. I believe 
it was from God to encourage me and to say to me, that I am in 
agreement with Him. I would like to share it here:

I was in Africa. I was in a large arena. The place was packed with 
people. It almost looked like the Coliseum of Rome. I was 
backstage. There was a very official looking African woman there 
in native garb. She was the leader of some tribe. The event that I 
was there for was a ceremony of reconciliation between the 
blacks and the whites. The leader of the whites began to explain 
to me about the ceremony. He said, "We are here today to 
celebrate the reconciliation of two nations, but while we are here, 
we will be rounding up those who have committed crimes against 
us and punishing them for their crimes in the center ring." I was
appalled! I was thinking to myself, This is a joke! You can't have
reconciliation without forgiveness! I looked over at the African 
leader and she had tears rolling down her face. I walked over to 
her and she said, "It isn't going to work. This whole thing is a joke." 
I said to her, "I agree." She smiled at me and said, "Thank you." 
That was the end of the dream.

When I awoke, I knew that it was a dream from the Lord, so I went 
straight to prayer. God began to minister to me that I was in 
agreement with Him and he is pleased. He ministered to the 
rejection I feel for being in such a minority. He helped me see that 
sometimes, we have to oppose the entire system in order to agree 
with God. That, that opposing of the church as an institution, is 
what has almost made me a nut.

I came up under teaching that so exalted those in authority that 
you would never oppose them. It was considered "rebellion" to disagree.

Now, here I am back in a "church". And I'm wondering what it is 
that God is doing. I feel like a worm in a chicken lot. Thanks for 
your post.

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