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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 16:45:21 -0700
-by Andrew Strom.

A lot of parents today cannot work out why their teenage children
turn out the way they do. The parents may go to church - they may
in fact be quite dedicated Christians. And yet many times their
children are reaching 14 or 15 years old - and they are rebellious
and obstinate - with worldy friends and worldy attitudes, etc. A lot
of these young people will leave Christianity as soon as they can
after High School.

So what is the main cause of all this? Why are the children going
down a path that is the very opposite of what their parents teach?

Well, I believe there is one huge question that makes all the 

Yes, that's right. The parents think that THEY are the ones who
are raising these young people. But I want to tell you - it is often
not the parents at all. These kids are actually being raised by the
SCHOOL and the TV and their FRIENDS and their MUSIC and
their VIDEO GAMES, etc. The parents still have some influence -
but it is a "minority" influence. They are allowing all these other
things to 'preach' to their children all day - and raise them in the
ways of the world. And the comparitively small amount of time
that the child now spends just with mom and dad hardly makes
any difference.

By the time they reach 14 years, it is usually all over. The television
and the worldly kids at school are dominating their attitudes and
their world-view. Mom and dad hardly make a dent. Their favorite
musicians, TV shows and school-friends are deciding their values - 
and most parents simply allow it all.

No surprise then that the children are sullen and rebellious and
demanding when they reach their teens, is it?

So how do we avoid this trap? Simple. -Don't allow the Television
or the School-place to raise your children! Raise them yourself!

I have noticed that the effects of school are not so serious at the
Elementary level. It is when children reach Middle School age
(ie. 11 years or so) that it seems to really kick in. So what is the 
solution?:  HOMESCHOOL your kids! And kill the television dead! 
(-Do both things from a young age if you can).

You may have noticed that what Television feeds our youngsters 
is getting sicker every year. Even the News has been found to 
have a very detrimental effect on young people. -It twists their view 
of the world. Do you know what the basic motto of TV News is?- "If 
it bleeds it leads" - no joke! -GET RID OF IT! 

Today's TV and media are infecting our entire culture with sex, 
violence, humanism, sickness and depravity. Not only that - we 
are broadcasting it to the whole world and ruining their societies 

Do you want the television to raise your children? Do you want
their values formed by commercials on TV? (-Which is basically 
what is happening). And what about the School's values - are 
these Christian? No way! Do yourself a favor. Cut these things off
and take back the raising of your children. You won't regret it.

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God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.