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Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 10:30:25 -0700
ANDREW - NIGERIA TRIP:  I will be away ministering in Nigeria
over the next two weeks with Francis Ovienmhada and Mike Smith.
The area of Southern Nigeria we are going to is a stronghold of
Islam and witchcraft. There will be large evangelistic meetings as
well as leaders' meetings. Please keep us in your prayers, my friends?

PHONE PRAYER TONIGHT - Have you tried it yet? -Many are so
blessed, praying with others around the world every Fri and Wed 
night. These prayers will continue while Andrew is away. The TIME 
is 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific time (USA). It costs nothing to take 
part. In USA and Canada the phone number is- 1-800-399-1052 
and the entry code is- "65257684". For other countries please see 
our website-  http://www.revivalschool.com 
Two Comments are below:

-by Patrick Ersig & Josef Urban (-Detroit).

We want to clearly state that we believe this type of thing (i.e. - 
ministry to the poor, healing, deliverance, etc.) to be a part of 
everyday normal New Testament Christian life. We post out of 
sincere desire to provoke others to do the same if they are not 
already. Our only hope is that these praise reports will encourage 
others to reach the lost around them and live New Testament 

We very much appreciate kind words and encouragements and 
support but we need to be clear: the reason we are posting this is 

We are not "super-saints" or ultra special, just some simple people 
who love Jesus and seek to obey and glorify Him. May CHRIST get 
all the praise! May CHRIST get all the glory! May CHRIST get all 
the honor and adoration forever! Amen. 

-by Wendy Wilcox.

My husband and I were out serving with Patrick, Mary and Josef 
last weekend and can attest to how cold it was: a bottle of liquid 
hot sauce that we'd brought as a condiment froze solid within 35 
minutes and the piping hot coffee I was serving hit the ground and 
turned to ice almost instantly when my hands shook so hard that 
it spilled from the cup I was pouring.  

It was brutally and bitterly frigid, but I can safely speak for all of us 
in saying a hearty "so what!" with regard to the weather!  Didn't 
Jesus command us to care for the sick and the destitute?  Aren't 
we supposed to extend ourselves to help those who can't help 
themselves?  What happened to putting the needs of others ahead 
of our own comfort?  This isn't extravagant or special behavior, it's
absolutely normal for people who say they belong to Christ.  

I can also say that none of us would rather have been anywhere 
else in the world last weekend or any other time we have the 
privilege of preaching to and serving the homeless, for that matter.  
I wake up in the morning and cringe in pain when I see the weather 
forecast, wondering how the homeless even survive, and longing 
with everything within me to be able to go out and care for them 
as much and as often as possible.  A large part of my family's  
week is planned around shopping, preparing the food and serving 
it, as it is for Patrick, Mary and Josef.  Our five year old daughter 
is intricately involved and is learning to care for others, as are  
Patrick and Mary's children.  None of us are wealthy by American 
standards, though by the standard of most of the world, we are  
fabulously rich (and all of us are wealthy beyond measure to 
belong to Christ.)  We're just average people whose lives have 
been radically transformed by Jesus, and we want to serve Him 
with everything He's given us.  

We've chosen to heed the Scriptures and align our lives and our 
finances accordingly.  I would encourage you to do the same, 
friends, as the time is short and the needs are great, no matter 
what community you live in.  This is only our reasonable service 
as servants of Christ.  Your homeless (or sick, etc.) may not be 
cold right now, but what do they need?  Where does He want you 
to extend yourself?  Seek the Lord and He will show you what to 
do with your time and your resources.  Then just be obedient!