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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 10:59:33 -0700
-by Patrick Ersig.

New Birth, Holy Spirit Conviction, Gang fights and Shootings...

This week and weekend was truly amazing. Mid week we saw
another major gang member repent and give his life to the Lord.
This young man (23) was under deep calling from the Lord, he has
been completely delivered as demon after demon came flying out
of him, he has been born again and filled with the Spirit and
baptized. This young man has now been moved to another
undisclosed location across the country to enter Holy Ghost boot
camp and be raised up as a solider for Christ. The Lord is raising
up a revival army here in Detroit among the gangs and the
forgotten of this society. There is nothing more glorious this side
of eternity than seeing a wicked “blood” gang member be
transformed into a new creature and born again by the power of
God to be raised into a soldier for His Kingdom!!! Below are
pictures of a former “blood” now washed in The Blood!!!

The Lord has been drawing us closer and closer to the gates of
hell to preach and snatch souls from the enemy. We have been
going inside the warming shelter where we minister to preach to
those on the inside. The Lord has open this door miraculously
since it is a secular operation. On Friday nights there are about
300 men and 75 women inside this old cinder block warehouse
sitting on folding metal chairs. It is like preaching in a prison
without the guards. Women are raped, drugs are used and all kind
of wickedness can break out at any time. Last week when Josef
was preaching a man started to foam at the mouth. This week as
well as last week the Holy Spirit showed up and deep conviction
and solemn fear spread through the whole place. When I finished
preaching everyone just sat there in silence as the Spirit worked
on their hearts. We will try to sneak a video camera inside in the
future and get some video of the preaching.

The Lord has also brought to our attention that there are
underground inner-city gang and high school parties every
weekend. We are sure the Lord has called us to preach at these
events. Every time there is gang fights and the like. This week
started with a gang fight between rival high school gangs and if the
Detroit police gang squad would not have come to intervene I am
quite sure we would have seen these children literally beat each
other to death with their fists. Right when I was about to start
preaching in the midst of this madness the girl gangs started to
fight and were literally ripping each others hair out at the roots. I
was not able to open air preach, but we had some amazing one to
one and small group witnesses. I will definitely be preaching at one
of these parties next week (Lord willing) and again we will try to get
a video of this.

We pulled up on Sunday to the spot where we minister and preach
on Friday nights and there was a fight in progress. One man had
gotten his face beaten in pretty bad and was bleeding above the
eye. The man was doing the beating was a long time regular and
gang member we know well. The man whose eye was beaten in
went to a car and pulled out a .357 Magnum (gun) and opened fire
right in front of us. Everyone ran for their lives and the one who
was fighting was hit but continued to run. We were able to chase
down our friend who was shot and call the ambulance and the
police and to pray and minister to his girl friend. We went back to
the scene of the shooting to preach but the police had the building
and street blocked off. Please pray that Lord uses this to bring
those who were witnesses and involved to repentance.

The Lord is bringing us closer and closer to the gates of hell and
into more and more dangerous areas and situations (Psalms
Chapters 27 and 91) but at the same time the power of the Holy
Spirit is getting stronger and were are seeing more and more
power of God being poured out on the streets. God is also starting
to raise the precious souls who are in bondage to the devil into
mighty warriors in the Kingdom of God!! ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!!!

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