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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 20:58:54 +1300
"A Dream"
-Michael Boldea Jr.
[ http://www.handofhelp.com/sheisthe.htm ]

It had been the most trying two weeks of my life. While still
in Romania, I woke up one morning to the most excruciating
pain I had ever felt. All my joints ached, my feet were
swollen, and I could barely move. The weather had changed,
and it seems that as my grandfather I am prone to arthritis.

On my way back to the States, on September 9, while
awaiting a connection at London Heathrow airport, my
laptop was stolen. [This contained information for sponsors
of needy Romanian children -ed.]

Finally having arrived in the US, while driving from the
airport Geno filled me in on what had been happening in
the States. He told me of the openly gay bishop that had
been ordained by the Episcopalian church, and then of
the battle over the Ten Commandments in Alabama, and
by the time we reached Watertown I was disheartened. It
had been a long two days, and all I wanted to do was take
a shower, and get some sleep. I had been asleep less
than half an hour when I had a dream. I was in a hospital
room; it was very clean, and freshly painted. In the room
there was a bed with a woman in it.

I approached the bed, and took a closer look at the woman.
She was dressed in a gray robe, and she had a ring on
every finger of her hand. From time to time, she would raise
her hand, look at her fingers, and smile. For some reason,
that smile was the saddest thing I've ever seen. It was
crooked, and it exhibited no real joy. As I looked at her the
sadness in my heart grew to such intensity that it woke me
up. Even awake I could still feel the sadness, and as much
as I tried I couldn't get back to sleep. For six days in a row
I had the same exact dream, I would see the woman lying
in bed, I would be overwhelmed by sadness, then I would
wake up. I was so frustrated, not knowing what this meant
that on the seventh day I decided to fast. That night as I
went to sleep the dream started again, the same as before.
I looked at the woman, she smiled, the sadness
overwhelmed me, but I didn't wake up.

The door to the room opened and a man dressed in a white
smock walked in holding a clipboard. Before he could say
anything I began asking a barrage of questions. "Who are
you? Why am I here? Who is she? Why have I been
dreaming this for almost a week?"

"Because you waited almost a week to fast," he said. He
must have noticed the stunned expression on my face,
because his eyebrows arched upward. "I am a friend," he
continued, "I was sent with a message, be at peace servant,
all will be revealed in due time."

"How do I know you're a friend?" I asked. "Because, Jesus
is Lord", he answered. Then he smiled, and I recognized
him. I had seen that smile before. Suddenly I was eight
years old again, sleeping in the top bunk of the bed I
shared with my grandparents, on a cold winter night in
Romania. I will remember that night for as long as I live.
I had woken up to go to the restroom, but before I could
get out of bed I heard talking below me. My grandfather
was talking to someone, I went to peer over the edge, to
see who it was, and found myself face to face with this
same man. He'd smiled at me, and I'd instantly gone back
to sleep.

    "I know you don't I?"
    "Yes we've met once before, but I see you often," he
    "Why am I here?" I asked.
    "Because you murmur, because you have said in your
heart that you are on a fool's quest, because you think no
one hears, that the message is falling on deaf ears. It is
not for you to judge the success the message has in the
hearts of others, you were called to be a servant, serve.
I was sent to rekindle the fire of compassion in your heart.
Compassion for the wayward and the lost, compassion for
her," he said pointing to the woman in the bed.

    "Who is she?"
    "She is the church," he answered me. "Content only with
the things of this earth, absent of spiritual strength. She is
the reason you and others like you were called to forfeit
your lives. The sadness you feel when you behold her is
nothing compared to the sadness the Father feels for her
condition. If she is to stand in the fire, if she is to be
victorious she must be strengthened. She has been in this
condition of spiritual paralysis for so long, she believes this
is her natural state. If only she knew the power she has
access to, if only she knew obedience. The wolves have
gathered unhindered, and soon they will strike at her with
violence. What will she do if she is unable to defend herself?
What will become of the house of God?"

     "Be faithful, for faithfulness is rewarded. Why do you say
in your heart, that God should make it easier, that He should
ease your trials, would you rather that pride find its way into
your heart when the Father endows you with the gift He has
promised? Keep humility as your constant companion, for
the humble receive an abundance of grace. Remember if just
one soul is spared from the eternal flame, if just one soul is
reached and brought to salvation, it is worth a lifetime's labor
and sacrifice. One day you will know the number, receive
your reward, and be astonished. I must leave now, but
whether in the waking hours, or in dream, we will meet again."

The man walked to the bed, looked down at the woman,
smiled a sad smile and walked out. As soon as he walked
out of the room, and I was alone with her, the sadness
began to invade my heart, and I woke up. The reason I share
this with you is to ask for your prayers. It is a difficult thing
to go to church after church, night after night, and speak a
message of repentance that to the hearts of many has
become a foreign concept. The knowledge that if just one
heart is reached, if one returns to the narrow path of faith,
it was worth it and gives us purpose and new strength.  May
the light of God shine brightly in your hearts, and may you
exhibit Christ wherever you are. Revelation 3:19, "As many
as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and

With love in Christ,
-Michael Boldea Jr.