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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:38:19 -0700
-by Andrew Strom.

In the wake of the Stockmarket turmoil of the last two weeks, I 
felt it important to comment. Two weeks ago the US stockmarket
fell 416 points in one day. Yesterday it lost another 242 points. A 
lot of this is directly caused by the Housing crash that we have 
been warning of for the past 8 months or so.

It is only since 9-11 that I have been watching the US economy 
so closely. I remember very vividly kneeling down by my bed soon 
after the towers fell on 9-11 and hearing God clearly speak to me-
To me this was a profound and shocking word, which I published 
that same week. I felt strongly that in following years we would 
see this play out before our eyes. -The unraveling of US financial
power in the earth. (I was made to understand it was like the
Titanic - which hit the iceburg but did not sink for many hours. In
a lot of ways, the sinking of that vessel was symbolic of Britain's
decline as a world power from that point on. -I know this is shocking
to contemplate regarding the US. -It certainly shocked me at the time).

After 9-11, I continued to publish occasional articles about a coming 
economic crash. Meanwhile an enormous Housing bubble was 
building in America. 

Eight months ago we began to publish warnings about the bursting
of this Housing bubble, and the likely impact it would have - 
beginning in 2007. ("WORST HOUSING SLUMP in 50 YEARS?" - 
published Aug 30, 2006).

I began to refer to this coming financial judgment in my sermons,
saying that in many ways it would be God's MERCY - to shock
us out of our complacency and apathy - and to cause us to 
desperately seek His face. We have allowed comfort and
materialism to turn our heads. We have become lazy - "lovers of 
pleasures more than lovers of God". Only by striking this country's 
great idol 'Mammon' can God cause us to cry out to Him. We 
have no idea how lukewarm we have become.

If you listen to several of my sermons from last year - eg. "A CALL 
AMERICA?" - you will hear me speak specifically of this housing 
collapse and the economic judgment that is coming upon this 
land. (-Both of these are on the recent CD that we put out).

And now here we are. March 2007. The sub-prime mortage market
is in free-fall. The CDO market is infected. The Yen carry-trade is
unwinding. Housing is still sinking with no bottom in sight, and
the stockmarket has suddenly become very volatile. It is a slow-
motion train-wreck, and this is only the beginning. (-Keep your
eye on the DERIVATIVES and the HEDGE FUNDS. -These are 
the "insurers" of the markets, and systemic danger lurks in their 
giant shadows).

For some time I have wondered what it will take to get us REALLY
PRAYING in this nation. What calamity will need to occur? Do 
we really need a full-blown crisis staring us in the face before we
will go to our knees? -Perhaps we do.

Let me state this very clearly:- This nation is at a crossroads.
-RIGHT NOW. What is at stake is an entire lost generation - and 
in fact, this country's entire future. What will we do? Will we PRAY 
or will we allow this slide into the abyss to continue?

These few years decide all. -I say it again:- THESE FEW YEARS
DECIDE ALL. So what is it going to be?

As you know, there are several ways in which we have been led
to facilitate MORE PRAYER in recent months. One of these 
needs to change slightly in view of what is happening and the
urgency of the hour. I am talking about the PHONE PRAYER.
Up until now, Friday night was for everyone, but Wednesday
night was just for Youth and Street ministries. From tonight on,
I believe Wednesday needs to be for EVERYONE also. So please - 
tell your friends that there is a free worldwide Conference Call for
prayer every Wednesday and Friday night - for ALL of us to cry
out to God for our nation. (-Details below).

And please remember too that we are holding SOLEMN
ASSEMBLIES all over the USA in the next 2 months. I don't
know if we will ever do this again. So please take the opportunity
to gather with us and cry out to God together, my friends. We
have got to PRAY MORE. Do you sense the urgency of the hour?

Here is the info for the PHONE PRAYER - for TONIGHT and
EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. (-All are welcome):

The TIME is 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific time (USA). It costs 
nothing to take part..  In USA and Canada the phone number is- 
1-800-399-1052 and the entry code is- "65257684". For other
countries, please see our website-

I look forward to praying with you tonight, my friends.

God bless you all,

Andrew Strom.