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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 12:45:22 -0700

Our main website "RevivalSchool.com" is now back up. -Plenty
of audios and online books and articles to download. The link is
at the end of this email.


For those who don't believe that Rap music can be anointed to
preach the gospel effectively.... well, you be the judge.

We were in Sacramento just a few weeks ago, and there was a
gathering of gangster and street-party types in a parking lot. We
quickly set up the sound and began to rap and pray and preach.
(-We have experienced rappers with us).

The wonderful thing that we have found with this approach is 
that people really LISTEN and watch - and we are able to present
virtually the entire gospel with Rap music - so it is clearly under-
stood, and sometimes even more convicting than simply preaching. 
People who will not listen to a preacher will listen to this. And we
often find people under heavy conviction afterward.

You will notice the lady who came up to disrupt. We often see this
on the streets. -People trying to grab the mic, etc. But she was 
actually under strong conviction - and the demons inside her 
were acting up. In the end she was openly weeping and telling us 
how much she wanted to repent and surrender to God.

Watch for the song about 'Hell' (about 15 minutes in), which was 
particularly anointed that day. We have often seen powerful results 
from this kind of ministry wherever we go.

This video is totally unedited - just one camera. But you can still 
see and feel the impact on the streets. (-We have fully-edited 
high-impact videos in the works). 

To view this video, please click on the link "STREET RAP IN
SACRAMENTO" at the top right of our RevivalSchool website. 
Here is the link-


God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.