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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 13:49:27 -0700
TWO TESTIMONIES BELOW - of deception growing in the church.
-Have you seen this going on?....

(1)  "Princesswarrior" writes:

We attended a service on Saturday evening that was the FALSE 
Revival. We were told to come down front and join a circle and 
scream out for the GOD OF ELISHA. Once that happened a 
bunch of strange manifestations happened and we were told to
wait on God because He was going to say something to us. My 
husband, friend, and I almost had not come to this meeting, but 
since our other friends had taken our two older daughters to the 
meeting we sensed we needed to be there to protect them...good 
thing. As the three of us were in the circle we stuck out like SORE 
thumbs!! We were commanded to give thanks to God for what He 
was doing. None of us sensed the Spirit of God in this at all...we 
were deeply grieved. We were even told to not worry about what 
was going on because it's in the Book. They did some kind of 
"wave" thing, but I just closed my eyes and prayed and felt
NOTHING but deep sickness for what was happening. Even when 
they did the shouting thing my lips were pursed together...I don't 
think I could have uttered a word even if I had wanted to (which I didn't). 

To go back, when we first arrived in the sanctuary I was hit with 
the spirit of drunkeness and I said, God, if this is not of you (we 
are always being told that this carousing, sensual love for God, 
drunkeness, and revelry is of Him) then I rebuke it in Jesus' name, 
and instantly the effects of that spirit left me. That answered that 
question I had. Towards the end of the pagan circle ritual (that's 
what it felt like to me) I was led to go kneel at my seat and pray. 
It became very clear that the days of "blending" in the crowd ARE OVER! 

Some of the questions we had and were exploring in the Word 
were: what does it look like to be filled with the Spirit (does it look 
like you are drunk)? If we put a scene where pagans were 
worshipping and dubbed a worship song over it would the people 
there be able to discern the difference? Is what we are seeing just 
pagan revelry? We are watchman on a wall testing the spirits and 
we do look rather odd as we are not experiencing everything that 
everyone else is. Is singing the same song for 40 minutes just 
pagan prayer full of repetition? We have a lot of these questions 
stirring in us as we are testing the spirits until we can hold on to 
that which is good. 

As we searched the scriptures we found a lot of answers that 
confirmed what the Spirit was showing us... We all felt extremely 
cared for by our loving Father that as we have fervently been 
praying that we would NOT be deceived... HE HAS BEEN 

At this church we have been attending since Januarry, there is 
God's Spirit working there on the one hand and demonic spirits on 
the other and the two are so mixed that at times it is VERY 
difficult to discern what is what. We have met with the leaders of 
this church and like them and think they have precious hearts, but 
they are being deluded. My husband and I already mentioned a 
huge list of our concerns about the youth being the elders, the 
"palm reading"--being called down in front and being made a 
spectacle of... the jerking... sensual dancing... drunkenness 
actions... a whole bunch of stuff and they seemed very receptive 
and even addressed some of those things. We have been 
wondering if God wants us to RUN for our lives yet or not. The
past two services have been outright bizarre and TONS OF 

One of the phrases used by a worship leader was: "I was invited to 
go partying, but didn't go, but when they party they lose their 
inhibitions and are just who they are and are free and how much 
more like that should we be than those in the world." Scary words 
indeed! They are having this conference in September and showed 
a video clip of this person leading worship and it just looked like 
pagan revelry... they are bringing this poison into our town... God
deliver us.  

(2)  "M.S" (-a pastor interested in the Prophetic) writes:

I read your article, "Why I left the Prophetic Movement," and it was 
so similar to an experience and a reaction that I hadat arecent 
"Prophetic" conference last year. Every observation you had is 
exactly what I observed! These so-called prophets and worship 
leaders were ushering in lude and familiar spirits, worshipping 
angels and opening and going through ungodly spiritual portals. I 
have never been so grieved and disturbed by anything in my life! 
And nobody else seemed to notice or care other than my fellow 
peers/disciples who discerned this also! I was so upset I strongly 
considered confronting... [the big-name leaders]... 

The disturbing thing is that other respectable leaders were not 
able to discern and bring to correction what was going on. The 
weirdest part about everything is that one of the spirits that was 
causing some creepy laughter at the conference followed us to 
the mall after we left the conference and caused a girl working 
one of the little booths that sells stuff in the middle of the mall to 
manifest when we walked by and laugh the same exact way. 

God showed me that the only reason some of the other leaders 
could not discern this is that they accepted money and thus the 
spirit of mammon had blinded their eyes to see what was going on. 
I wish our fellow Evangelists, Prophets, and Missionaries weren't 
subjected to being beggars and prostituting their gifts the way the 
modern church system has forced them to do making them chase 
opportunities rather than callings. It's sad. 

~Andrew Strom's articles, "WHY I LEFT THE PROPHETIC 
found in the lower half of the following website-


God bless you all.