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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:10:50 -0700

James Smith writes:
"I am not a conspiracy theory guy by any stretch of the imagination. 
But... I was looking through documentaries and came across 
Aaron Russo's "America: Freedom to fascism". I was just stunned 
by everything that was revealed. I was aware of the Federal Reserve 
and their ties to One World Order and International banking but 
this movie really did a top notch job in exposing things. Everything 
that I have ever seen regarding this stuff is very amateur and 
focuses on the Illuminati/Trilateral etc. This movie uses balanced, 
intelligent people to show exactly what is happening. At the end, 
I was convinced and motivated to do something...." 

PrincessWarrior writes:
"WOW! I just watched the almost 2 hour long video and was hit 
hard with the reality that THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS... more 
convinced than ever that we need to be so close to Jesus and be 
led by the Spirit so we know what to do in these times. Prayer 
and more prayer. If those in the world can recognize that something 
is seriously wrong than we as the Church must lead the way, God 
equip and help us to do Your work among them! Less talk and 
more action. I always leave these kind of encounters asking... 
what can I do? I will personally be praying for guidance of this." 
James again:
"I was struck with their references to Revelation and the mark, 
when they are not Christians. You are right, when the world 
recognizes this, the last days really are upon us." 


(1)  "America: Freedom to Fascism"- 


(2)  Interview with Director, Aaron Russo-


God bless you all.