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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 00:24:36 -0700
about one aspect of the video published today]-
"Please let your readership know that they should NOT just stop 
paying taxes without knowing exactly what they are doing.  There 
must be very extensive preparations made before any such action 
can be taken.  To stop paying without a thorough knowledge of 
the system WILL result in legal actions taken... The income tax 
"laws" ARE frauds (and this has been well-documented) but the  
IRS will still pursue those who refuse to pay."
"LAZARUS Our BROTHER" - Powerful Comment
-by 'Hindsfeet'.

... The visible "priests and prophets" boast over and over about 
how rich they are, how blessed they are, how they don't suffer for
lack of anything. 

Yet the beggar Lazarus lies right outside our very own gates. 
These imposters trip over him every day and in their blindness 
walk right past him.... 

I was raised on the American Dream - nice middle class family, 
comfortable middle class prosperity. But in a very bizarre series 
of circumstances we suffered a God-ordained financial reversal 
and I have lived in the ghetto now for the past eight years. 

It was the worst kind of culture shock both in the natural and in 
the spirit. The very neighborhood I used to avoid (or if I had to go 
through it was with windows up, doors locked and at lightning 
speed) has become the place God has poured out His refining fire on me. 

I cried and cried to Him as I witnessed crack deals, gang murders, 
and hookers setting up shop on the wall of my side yard. "Oh 
Lord! WHEN are you going to get me OUT of here?" And then He 
asked ME a question. "When are YOU going to learn to love your 
neighbor as yourself?" 

The scales instantly fell off of my eyes and I repented HARD that 
I was the rich man in that story. And now I wouldn't trade the 
transformation of my heart for any of the comforts this American 
culture has to offer. 

I listen to the prosperity preachers now (as well as their echo in 
the local churches I've attended) and I see that they have 
exchanged the Voice of the Blood for the hawking cries of the 
money-changers. I see a "body" that has received a strange 
transfusion - the veins that used to flow with the Blood of Jesus 
now spurt gold. 

I am ashamed of the greed and the lust for comfort and money 
that is the heartbeat of this country. American...Laodicean...
Babylonian - one common denominator: Jesus is OUTSIDE the 
door just like the beggar Lazarus. 

~Found on the Forum at-  http://www.revivalschool.com