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"If He is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all." - Ravenhill.

"Let me never become a slave to crowds." - A.W. Tozer.

"Are there not millions of us who would rather go sleeping to hell;
than sweating to heaven?" -Thomas Watson.

"For unless your hearts are free from worldly hopes and worldly
fears, you never will speak boldly, as you ought to speak. The
good old Puritans, I believe, never preached better than when in
danger of being taken to prison as soon as they had finished their
sermon. And however the church may be at peace now, yet I am
persuaded, unless you go forth with the same temper, you will
never preach with the same demonstration of the Spirit and of
power. Study, therefore, my brethren,–I beseech you by the
mercies of God in Christ Jesus,–study your hearts as well as
books; ask yourselves again and again whether you would preach
for Christ, if you were sure to lay down your lives for so doing?"
 - Whitefield.

"Several years ago...An Uncle of mine, who was very sound,
slipped in some good books into a suitcase one day...and I
remember coming across a book by Ernie Reisinger called
"Today's Evangelism" and I began to read it... I got half way
through that book and this is no exaggeration... and I'm not
speaking evangelistically... This is true. I fell out of that chair with
such the fear of God upon my life, and I pressed my face into
those old boards of that room in the city of Lima (third floor of an
old building we were using for a church)... I pressed my face as
far into those boards as they could get in fear as I could get... and
cried out to God, "God, If you promise not to kill me for the way
 I've preached your gospel, I promise from here on out I'll never
preach it that way again." - Paul Washer ('I Am Under Obligation')

"What will it cost me for God to break my heart?" - "It will cost you
absolutely everything." - Gerhard DuToit

"Passing along the road the other day, we thought we had found a
very beautiful knife. On picking it up we found it to be only a
handle without a blade. So do we hear very beautiful sermons—
well written and well read—but they are without a blade. They cut
out no cancers of sin and carve out no models of piety. Sermons
must have blades!"  – Anonymous

"I'm afraid from the presence of God. You know, we do little things,
we criticize, we gossip and stuff. I was memorizing the first twelve
chapters of Acts few years ago, and I phoned my wife five o'clock
one morning. I was speaking at a bible institute, she thought that
there was something wrong, and she said: "What's going on? " I
said: "My darling I'm memorizing Acts Chapter 5, Ananias and
Sapphira." and she said: "What about that?", I said: "Yes, they
kept back part of the price, and you remember what happened.
God struck them and they were dead." She said: "What do you
think?" and I said: "Jannes(?) if we were living in Acts chapter 5
today, there will be very few christians who will be alive." I'm
afraid of the presence of God." - Gerhard DuToit

~SOURCE - www.Sermonindex.net