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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 15:51:57 -0700
ANDREW STROM on the "NEPHILIM":  I just wanted to clarify,
because several people have asked me - "What do you personally
think of this Alien/ Nephilim stuff?"  Well, there are several things
to say about this. Firstly, the whole "Alien/ UFO" thing is absolutely
HUGE today - and has multitudes following it. So it is only logical
that the devil use such a thing to bring widespread deception. (-A
lot of that movement has very New Age/ Occult leanings).
Secondly, there can be little doubt that many encounters with
"aliens" have all the hallmarks of being utterly DEMONIC. (-And
the fact that so many of these encounters seem to have
"reproductive" themes is, frankly, frightening).
Thirdly, Scripture clearly states that prior to the Great Flood,
fallen angelic beings came down and mated with human women
to produce "Nephilim" - or giant hybrids - which helped to greatly
corrupt the whole of humanity. When you think about it, this
means that just prior to the last "total judgment" of the earth,
these evil "hybrids" had a big role to play. And now here we are in
the Last Days - the only other time of 'total judgment'. Is it possible
that the devil is trying to bring such creatures back again? Is this
part of the deception? Might they not seem like 'space brothers',
supermen or miracle-workers?
-All of this is conjecture, but when you start researching the
Nephilim, it really sheds light on quite a few Scriptures. Of course,
we should never assume that "This is it" - or 'This is the only
deception'. We are living in the days of "many" great seductions
and deceptions. All I wanted to do today in publishing these
things was to make us more aware of these possibilities - so we
can be better informed and prepared. Whatever the "ultimate"
deception will be - it is going to be so powerful and deceptive that
the whole world will go after it. This certainly fits the bill, so it is
good to be aware of it - amongst other things. I hope this clarifies
my position. -God bless you all.  -Andrew Strom.
-And now- to the "Great Quotes"...


"It is not under names, creeds, or professions that men shall be
saved at the last day; those alone who were holy, who were here
conformed to the image of Christ, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
Those who expect it in any other way, or on any other account,
will be sadly deceived." - Adam Clarke

God: "Would you say that a person who watches 20 minutes of
television a week worships the TV?"
Us: "Probably not."
Father: "Then why would you say that someone who worships
ME 20 minutes a week is a worshipper of God?"  - Unknown.

"Would that God would make hell so read to us that we cannot
rest; heaven so real that we must have men there." -Hudson Taylor

"It may be that while we are complaining of the hardness of the
hearts of those we are seeking to benefit, the hardness of our
own hearts and our own feeble apprehension of the solemn reality
of eternal things may be the true cause of our want of success."
-Hudson Taylor

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?-- Corrie Ten Boom

We may learn hence, that we are never secure from the greatest
sins, till we guard against those which are thought the least; nor,
indeed, till we think no sin is little, since every one is a step
toward hell. - John Wesley (-commentary on 1 Cor. 6)

"We have the truth and we need not be afraid to say so."
-J.C. Ryle

“More than 2 billion people who do not know Jesus head toward
hell to perish for eternity, while the church laughs its way to
hysteria, claiming this is the sign of the last days’ outpouring of
the Holy Spirit…My brothers and sisters this is not Christianity”.
-K.P. Yohannan

"If you look down into a well, if it be empty it will appear to be very
deep, but if there be water in it you will see its brightness. I believe
that many 'deep' preachers are simply so because they are like
dry wells with nothing whatever in them, except decaying leaves,
a few stones, and perhaps a dead cat or two. If there be living
water in your preaching it may be very deep, but the light of truth
will give clearness to it." - C.H. Spurgeon

"If God gave you a thousand dollars every time you shared your
faith in Jesus Christ, would you share your faith? Let's be honest:
many of us would quit our day jobs and become full-time
evangelists! Every one of us, including me, ought to repent of the
fact that we would share Jesus for a measly dollar bill, instead of
sharing Him because of the unconditional love that He has for
each one of us. Would you be more zealous for money than for
God? Would you deal with your laziness problem for the love of
money when you won't deal with it for the love of God? We can't
serve both God and mammon. We can never repay Jesus for what
He did for us on the cross, but what a fantastic thank-you we can
give Him each time we step out and share our faith in Him with
the lost!" - Mark Cahill

"There are two sorts of prayers- those expressed in words, and
the unuttered longings which abide as silent meditations. Words
are not the essence but the garments of prayer... There may be
prevailing intercession where there are no words; and alas! there
may be words where there is no true supplication. Let us
cultivate the spirit of prayer, which is even better than the habit
of prayer." - C.H. Spurgeon

"The 'flesh' is too bad to be cleansed;  it must be crucified."
-Watchman Nee (The Normal Christian Life)

"A church with apostolic foundations is that body of people whose
central impulse and principle of life, being and service is one thing
only, namely, a radical and total jealousy for the glory of God."
- Art Katz (-Apostolic Foundations)

~SOURCE:  www.sermonindex.net