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-by Mitt Jeffords.

"Who shall stand at his appearing?..."

"I found myself in the middle of a steel mill, and all around me were
 the sights and the sounds of one would expect to see and hear in a 
steel mill that was in full production. I saw fiery sparks every where I 
looked, and the sound of "shhhhh"; the sound that hot iron metal is 
dipped in water to be cooled. The only thing missing was the mill 
workers; for there was not one man to be found anywhere.

I then noticed that not far from me was a molten mass just laying on 
the floor; and it had no shape or form to it. The outside of this mass 
appeared burnt black and crackly, appearing just like the lava that I 
have seen in pictures from the volcanoes in Hawaii. Though the outside 
of this mass appeared cool and hard, I could tell that the inside was 
still molten hot. I was studying this molten mass when all of sudden it 
started taking on a form; it was a simple upright form that was about 
4 feet high and 2 feet across; other than be upright, it had no other 
characteristics to it. The outside of this mass still appeared as black 
and crackly as lava. I was amazed because though I saw this mass 
taking shape before my eyes, I could not visibly see who was doing it.

For about 15 minutes I had been trying to figure out what this form 
was before me when all of sudden, starting at the top, all of the 
burnt outside pieces began to fall off this figure. It was not until the 
bottom pieces fell away before I could what this form was. It was 
the figure of a man who was bent over at the waist, with head straight 
down towards the floor, his arms were running parallel to his legs, 
and he appeared to be made out of sterling silver.

I hardly had time to consider what this new form was before I could 
discern that this figure was about ready for another. I then observed 
as this figure changed from sterling silver to liquid silver. Once it 
became liquid, this figure then stood completely upright. After this 
figure stood upright, it then hardened again; this time the figure 
appeared as the most clear sparkling crystal that I have ever seen. 
I do not know how I perceived this, but I knew that this new man was 
completely filled with all humility and boldness, having all confidence 
and faith in God.

It was then that I woke up from my dream. When I opened my eyes, 
there standing at the foot of my bed was this very figure of a man 
that I had seen in my dream. He leaned towards me and said, "I 
stand corrected"; and then he disappeared. Immediately the Spirit 
of the Lord spoke to me that which is written in Malachi, "Who shall 
continue in the day of his coming? Who may abide in the day of his 
coming? For he is like a refiners fire and a fuller's soap; and he 
shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver so that they may present 
before the Lord an offering in righteousness". I then shook at the 
reality of what the Lord has shown me; for many, many are looking 
for the coming of the Lord, but who is he who has gone through the 
fire of the Lord's corrections?

I then asked the Lord, "Who does this man represent, Lord. Is it 
me?". And the Lord then answered and said, "The man that you 
saw in your vision, he is your inner man; your heart, your mind, and 
your soul. The inner man is he which no man has power to correct 
or to change of himself.

The man who attempts to correct himself, he is the man who does 
so that he might be found pleasing and acceptable in the sight of 
men, as well as in his own eyes. He who loves me, he it is who 
humbles his heart before me, presenting himself before me, asking 
for me to correct him. I correct all those whom I love because they 
desire to for me to change them into my own image", says the Lord.
"When I correct you, I change things in you; for I do that which is 
impossible for any man to do...." 

"I have asked you to seek for the truth. I have asked you to believe 
and to trust me when I said unto you that you do not yet know the 
truth. There are many things that you do not yet comprehend 
because you have not yet asked to understand them. If you ask 
diligently and if you will focus your eyes on me, and not on your 
own self, your own emotions, your own reasoning, your own vision, 
or on your circumstances, then I will show you the truth. If you will 
seek my goodness, in all that comes upon you, then I will reveal 
myself unto you.

Do not think it strange nor be dismayed at the fiery trials which 
confront you. Remember, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, for 
just as I was with them, so also am I always with you. Look for me 
in the fire, for you are not alone. Believe on my words, and look for 
the good that I desire to bring forth in all that you go through. 
Remember that which is written, "Happy is the man whom the Lord corrects".

I AM; I Am a consuming fire. I desire to baptize you with my fire. I 
am that fire. I am that fire that you must pass through to return to 
paradise, the kingdom of God. The kingdom which is about to 
appear on earth. But who shall stand when I appear except those 
who have been corrected? Are you ready for me?" says the Lord.