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Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:32:06 -0700
   -by Sherry Mason.
  [Source:  http://visionsoftheseer.blogspot.com ]

Didn't Jesus say he needed show Paul all that he would suffer for 
His name's sake (Acts 9:15 I think). I know people don't like to 
speak of suffering in relation to serving God.

When I was a new Christian (I was 28 years old and not "raised" 
in the church system) I had a dream in which a man gave me a 
transparent box (about the size of a small jewelry box) and upon 
opening it, I saw that it was divided into compartments. One 
compartment had small stars that shone with golden glory and
were so beautiful that I was drawn to them and the other 
compartments had unidentified blue, rubbery squiggley things 
(sounds weird I know) which were totally unappealing. I was told I 
was to eat these objects.

I wanted to eat the stars first but I was told that I had to eat the 
other items before I could have the stars. As I stuck them in my 
mouth and began to chew (they were very difficult to chew...very 
rubbery) small voices came out of the items in my mouth. With 
each chew they said "Sorrow, tears, suffering". This was most 
unpleasant but I continued to chew because I wanted the little 
golden stars that shone.

I knew I had to consume all the other items first. Upon awakening I 
did not understand much because I was unfamiliar with dreams 
and the way God uses them at that time. But I do understand it 
now. I understand that the stars are His glory and that I could not 
have that until I had been through the other first. Sorrow, tears and 
suffering are unpleasant but in my case they were necessary to 
"shape" me into what He wanted me to be. Did not Jesus tells 
James and John that they must drink of the cup He drank from? 
That cup (if I understand correctly) was a cup of suffering.

Some would accuse, some would guffaw, some would say "you're 
crazy!" My desire is that if I must suffer, let me not suffer for my 
own foolishnesses but let it be that I suffer for the sake of righteousness. 

(2)  DREAM: "9-11" FOR the CHURCH
  -by 'OmahaDread'. (Sep 7, 07).

In 2004 or 2005, the Lord gave me a dream that He only today 
gave me part of the interpretation for. It was in 4 parts but in the 
2nd part, I was in a parking garage on the 10th floor of one of the 
world trade center towers, holding on to a concrete pillar. About 20 
feet away there was a 'window' for lack of a better word, through 
which I could see the city; the sky was blue, the sun was shining, 
all was calm and peaceful. But inside my spirit, there were
rumblings. I knew what was coming; I knew that a plane was going 
to hit, and I kept calling out to the Lord because i felt like i was the 
only one who knew it was coming. I kept asking the Lord, is it now, 
Lord; He would only answer, No, not yet son. I asked several 
times because the rumblings inside kept getting more and more 
intense, deeper, and more frequent. I asked Him one last time but 
He did not answer, and I saw and felt the plane hit the tower. I held 
on to the concrete pillar for dear life and felt the shockwave course
through the building. As I looked out the window, for the first few
seconds, I saw nothing. then it was like watching an old black and 
white newsreel (the dream was in color) of parades in new york, 
with all of the confetti in the air; bodies were everywhere. First one, 
then the sky was littered with bodies and body parts. I saw all that 
was left of a man, from his waist down; black belt, black pants, 
black socks, black shoes, feet crossed at the ankles. I could hear 
the wind whipping through the people's clothes as they fell, along 
with their screams. There was a woman wearing a white blouse 
and a knee length skirt as well. Some people seemed to have 
more control over their bodies as they fell than others. It seemed 
to me that these were those who jumped rather than fell; one man 
looked as if he had just jumped off of a diving board...there is more, 
but this is the basics. 

The interpretation that the Lord gave me this morning is this: the 
tower that I was in represents Christ. I was clinging to a pillar 
within the tower for dear life; this represents those who are not just 
in Him, but are hidden in Him. The plane represents the church. 
Just as the plane on 9/11 was hijacked by men with their own 
agenda, so the church has been hijacked by those with their own
agenda. The Church is on a collision course with the Most High 
God. The falling bodies represent those in the Church who will fall 
away from Christ to their death. Those who are hidden in Christ will 
still feel the effects of what is going to happen (I felt the shockwave 
ripple of the impact ripple through the pillar), but we will be 
preserved. But as a result of God's preservation, He will require 
much more of and from us. 

~Found on the Forum at-  http://www.revivalschool.com