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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 12:40:10 -0700
-by Kris Franklin. 

At a recent county fair a psychic had a booth where she was 
reading tarot cards and doing typical witchcraft over people. The 
Spirit of God began to stir me and I decided to challenge the 
power of her demons with the Holy Ghost. I sat in line waiting on 
my turn. When I walked into her booth I asked her if she could tell 
the future. She said she couldn't tell all of the future, but could tell 
some of it. I told her I could tell tell her not only her condition, but I
could also read her future. She immediately became interested... 

God gave me a word of knowledge. I began to tell her that she 
was raised Catholic, but that she currently practiced wicca and 
she was using a gift God had given her from birth for selfish gain. 
She was absolutely stunned because she was from Indian decent 
and not many Indians were Catholic. 

I then told her I could tell her future. She was now marveled at 
what was taking place. I began to read from the Bible in Ezekiel 
about the women who prophesied falsely and from Deuteronomy. I 
told her God has ordained this moment in time to give you a 
chance to repent and come to know Him or the judgment of God 
would fall. She declared that she was a good Catholic and right 
with God. I told her without Christ as Lord and you renouncing 
your ways she would spend an eternity in hell. She cursed me 
out and rejected Christ. I rebuked the demonic powers that 
allowed her to channel spirits and declared that her psychic 
business would no longer profit. To my amazement she packed up 
her stuff in the booth and left the fair. No more reading that day. 

I told her works of darkness were rebellion against Jesus Christ. 
She began trying to pronounce demonic curses on me, but froze 
unable to speak. She stuttered for a minute or two and then made 
the most amazing testimony I have heard... 

In the midst of trying to curse me she said, "I can't do anything - 
the Blood of God is protecting you." 

How about that - a witch defying the power of God had to recognize 
her attack was in vain. Not because I was anything, but because 
the blood of Christ protected me. 

In the 10 years God has called me into service into His kingdom, 
I have been blessed beyound measure to see His Spirit show up 
strong. We have seen demons cast out and healings, but nothing 
is more wonderful than watching the Spirit of God fall on a group 
of people and they began weeping under the conviction of the 
Holy Ghost. 

I do believe there is a remnant here who really speaks truth and 
has a love for Christ. The one thing I have seen and don't fully 
understand is how so many people called to the prophetic carry 
such a persecution complex. I pray that people would not let the 
offense take them down or cause them to shut themselves off to 
the body. I have had to deal with rejection and persecution, but I 
think a lot of people need the mercy of God to set them free from 
the spirit of rejection. I believe it can pollute. It can alter our 
perception of what we see prophetically... 

Kris Franklin, 

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