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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 10:57:58 -0700
ANDREW STROM's NEW BOOK - for *Any* Donation- 


In 2004 Andrew Strom's ministry was based out of Kansas City.
Late that year he attended one of the largest and most important
Conferences that the Prophetic movement ever held in that
city. For Andrew what occurred at that Conference was the final
straw. At the close of the weekend he announced via email that 
he was "Leaving the Prophetic Movement" after 11 years' 
involvement. The reaction was overwhelming. People began 
forwarding the email all over the Internet and Andrew received 
thousands of responses. It seemed as if the whole movement 
was being shaken. 

And now three years later comes this book. These are the topics
that it seeks to address, amongst others:

-What exactly did Andrew see that became the "final straw"?
-What was the reaction from leaders to his "leaving" announcement?
-Have things actually grown worse since that time?
-What on earth are we to make of "gold dust", feathers, 'jewels',
heavenly portals, guided visualizations and similar phenomena?
-What have eye-witnesses got to say about these things?
-What is real Revival? 
-What are true prophets of God supposed to be like? 
-How do you discern true signs and wonders from the false? 
-What happened in the 5 great waves of Awakening that have 
occurred in America?
-And what will it take to enter into such a true Revival again?

All these questions and more are answered in this provocative book.

Andrew Strom is the founder of "RevivalSchool.com" and editor 
of the Revival List. This is his first published book in America 
(-glossy paperback - ISBN 0979907306). 


As always, we are making it available for *ANY* donation - or 
even just the cost of postage (-which is only $1.30 in the USA). 
We do not want anyone missing out just through lack of finances.
If you are able to send a "donation" that is great. But otherwise
just send the 'postage' amount. If you can, simply pray and send 
whatever God leads you to send.


First, please REPLY to this email so that we know that you
want this book.

Second, simply SEND YOUR DONATION to us.

-Probably the best way is to use PAYPAL to donate to us securely 
online. Simply go to the following webpage to do that-


OR you can simply send a check or money order (or cash) to
the following address:

Andrew Strom,
16355 Via Ultimo,
Moreno Valley,
CA 92551,

(-Please remember to include your ADDRESS.. Checks to be
simply made out to "Andrew Strom".. And we will get the book 
off to you ASAP).

I look forward to your reply if you want this book, my friends.

God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.