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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:49:45 +1300
Several Comments are Below:

From:           "Weiler" <kweiler@...>
Subject:        RE: WHAT 'REFORMATION'? WHERE?
Date sent:      Thu, 11 Dec 2003 12:51:33 -0800

I have never had a moments hope for what has been called 
'Apostolic' in North America.  Although believing and writing 
on the fundamentals of what is 'apostolic', after tapes, 
books, and meetings, I haven't seen it even approach what 
my heart reaches forward to.

This network of 'new apostolic' is simply a further 
entrenching of the old, further attempting to legitimize what 
only marginally represents the heart view of the Father for 
his church.

We can be sure, He is building his church, however, that 
which is destined for the throne is usually born in a manger 
and ends often on a cross. Certainly though, in the journey 
between the two, I believe we shall see some wonderful 
things, a glory that will fill the earth!

From:           D. Croton <crotz2003@...>
Subject:        Re: WHAT 'REFORMATION'? WHERE?

We have heard about this from the pulpit and I have always 
felt grieved within my spirit everytime it was preached. The 
effect of this so-called move has bound more than freed.
It has the effect of pouring concrete on every living thing. 
The day it was spoken and acted on within a church I had 
been fellowshipping in was incredible. Try ploughing in 
concrete and the effect is similar. I have never liked it nor 
believed it is of God. In fact, every time I hear the call of 
this 'reformist', it gets me on my soap box.

It is a mask for legalism, control, death of the prophetic 
and a PC way of informing those within the body this new 
regimen is of God. It's a "my way or the highway" system.
Show me in Scripture - then I will believe.  The worst thing 
is those who are preaching it believe that they are within 
God's ordained plan.

It was explained to us that God was installing His 
governmental order back into the body (scared yet?) and
this new regime would have our leaders dressed to
impress, ushers to seat - so organized that non-believers
would be rushing to join. NOT!

Last time I looked, I thought God was in control, not us.
I want no part of this "apostolic reformation" and am
grieved to my heart that men and woman of God are
being hoodwinked into it.

PS. I moved on to another body before I died.  

-Debbie Croton.