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Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 08:52:29 -0800

BRIEF NOTE from ANDREW:  For me, the most touching 
testimonies that I have been getting about my book are from people 
who have been involved in the Prophetic Movement themselves 
(-some of these are below). It seems to be having a particularly 
strong impact with these folk.

At the recent 'Revival Conference' we had the book there for "any 
donation". Two ladies came up to me - and said they had been 
deeply involved with the Prophetic Movement & the "manifestations", 
etc. One of them had got my book but tossed it aside. She said 
God woke her up at 3am and told her to read it! She ended up 
RENOUNCING a whole lot of weird experiences and manifestations 
that she had been into - and her friend too. They then got another 
12 books to give to their friends!! 

Here are some similar testimonies from others:

P. Metzger:
"Just after I read Andrew's book on Why he left the prophetic
movement, our church invited this same spirit in that Andrew talks 
about. The church people will follow anyone. Our discernment 
kicked in because we had just read Andrew's book. I am so 
thankful for it. We talked to the pastor and he will be speaking to 
the man who was bringing this spirit. It will change lives." 

S. Savage:
"As a new Christian who had been chasing conferences and eating 
up great cotton candy prophetic words daily, only to be left feeling 
emptier and more confused, I'm so grateful that someone has taken 
the time to share these tools for discernment. Using as contrast 
historic revivals and piercing revival preaching of years past, it's 
easy to recognize what's been missing. This book left me in tears, 
weeping for a restoration of the true gospel and with such a 
yearning to see real revival in our nation...."


The above testimonies are taken from Amazon.com. There are
a lot more of them on there now. To see more of these Reviews, 
simply click on the picture of the book at the top of our website -
http://www.revivalschool.com - That will take you to the
Amazon page to read the reviews. Some are pretty strong!


People have been asking us about this. And yes - we would love
to help people get bulk copies to pass around. So if you want 
10 copies or 20 copies (or whatever) you can get them direct from 
me for "any donation". Just send whatever amount you feel is 
right - even a low amount - and make sure you include a note of 
how many books you want. You can donate via Paypal or simply 
send your donation by mail. -And we will get the books to you
ASAP. Here is our Paypal "Donate" page - which is probably the
easiest method-


Or, you can simply send a check or Money Order (or whatever)
to the following address:

Andrew Strom,
16355 Via Ultimo,
Moreno Valley,
CA 92551, 
United States. 
(-Make sure to include your ADDRESS and also the NUMBER of 
books that you want).

Please help us get this book out there, my friends. If you know
some people who may benefit from reading it, then this is your
chance to get a whole lot of cheap copies and pass them 
around. Thankyou so much.

God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.