[anzac] WHY AMAZON Says "OUT of STOCK" - It's NOT!!

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 08:40:35 -0800

Visitors to our website in the last week or so may have been
confused when they went to the Amazon page for the book, "WHY I 
LEFT the PROPHETIC MOVEMENT". Many may have wondered 
why Amazon says that it is "Temporarily Out of Stock". 

This is because AMAZON ITSELF is temporarily out of stock of 
the book (-at the price of $10.99 each). But you will see a link 
there that says "USED & NEW - $6.99". If you click on that link 
you will see that the book is still available right now - direct from 
the Publisher (and brand new) for $6.99. 

I know this is confusing some people - but it seems that Amazon 
does it this way to increase their own sales. But yes - the book 
is still available new on Amazon. You just have to click on that 
"USED AND NEW" link. And yes - $6.99 is now the price for it new.

As always, you can simply click on the book's picture at the top
of our site to get to it's Amazon page. Here is the link-


Very sorry for any confusion, my friends. 

God bless you all.