[anzac] WHY NO REVIVALS - in the West?

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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:49:45 +1300
From:   Rob Isaachsen (Transforming Melbourne 2003) 
Sent:   Saturday, November 15, 2003 7:43 AM
     "The Challenge of the Western Church" 

"157 Cities and Nations on 5 continents are experiencing 
Transforming Revival. Restored community life and hope, 
reduced crime and addiction, thousands coming to faith..." 

-This is the report from GEORGE OTIS Jnr, producer of 
the Transformations Videos, in Melbourne recently. He 
said he receives reports every day of more cities around 
the world where transformation is happening as God 
responds to the passionate prayer of His people.

BUT - none of the stories are from WESTERN CITIES!!

There is no sign of significant community transformation 
in the West. 

In studying all the stories of real revival, he finds a number 
of conditions that are always present before the powerful 
intervention of God. These include Holiness, Humility, 
Repentance, People Passionate for His Presence, 
Sustained United Prayer and Persevering Servant Leaders.

George's research shows many obstacles to Revival in 
the West, especially the influence of western culture in the 
Church. He says our obsession with time, success and 
programmes, our apathy and low expectation of God 
acting powerfully are all barriers to God's sovereign intervention.

An overview of the transformation stories and the Challenge 
to the Western Church is stated powerfully in George's new 
video: "THE QUICKENING" which is about to be released.