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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:29:03 -0800
-by Andrew Strom.

I write this out of genuine concern for the remnant of God in the
USA. It is something brief that I have been wanting to put together
for awhile. It is simply about the many similar prophecies of
calamity and physical judgment coming upon this nation. There 
seems to be a pattern, and I don't want to cause undue alarm,
but simply to discuss these things so we are not unaware of them.
God will tell you if you need to act on any of this.

Since I have been in the United States (and even before, to some
degree) it has come to my attention that there have been
prophetic and praying people from all different places who have
had visions, dreams, or strong revelations - that often seem to 
line up with others totally separate from themselves. This has 
happened too often to dismiss it as mere "coincidence". I truly 
believe God has been speaking to a lot of these people.

What I want to do in this email is simply talk about a number of
over-riding themes that seem to have come out again and again
in these warnings. 

For myself, I am convinced that America is entering into some
very dark days ahead - not just economically, but in all kinds of
ways. She is literally sleep-walking her way towards a precipice
and she is about to go over. We have discussed many of the
reasons for this in past articles. But suffice it to say, it seems
that serious judgments are now at the door. 


The most unanimous warnings from many quarters concern the
West Coast. Certainly, California seems to have painted a larger
and larger target on herself in recent years - almost crying out
for judgment. Virtually every prophecy or vision that I have heard
regarding California involves not just earthquakes but also
massive walls of WATER literally inundating entire regions. It is
so common for people to have had vivid technicolor dreams and
visions of these earthquakes or tsunamis, that personally I
have to believe there is something in it. But it is not just
California. In many visions, the wall of water that is seen causes
massive devastation right up and down the entire West Coast - 
and even a long way inland. We may say that such a thing seems 
unlikely, but I for one would not be so quick to ignore such 
unanimous warnings. If you live on the West Coast, and you 
strongly sense God telling you to move - then MOVE! I guess it
is as simple as that.


By no means is the West Coast the only part of America being
singled out in a lot of these prophecies. If you know where the
Madrid fault-line is (on the Missouri-Illinois border) then perhaps
you know too that the strongest-recorded earthquake in US history
occurred there. There are prophecies of another massive 
earthquake that will follow the Mississippi right up through this
corridor. So the midwest is not necessarily that safe. We need
to know exactly where God would have us - and be listening to
Him. That is the only safe place to be. -In the center of His will.

As far as weather and super-storms go, the Gulf Coast and the
East Coast are also prophesied to get hit again. (-Including New Orleans).


You need to be totally led by the Spirit, but generally if these
things begin to occur, some of the northern central states are
often spoken of as "safety zones" - ie. From Eastern Washington
(Spokane area) and Eastern Oregon over to Western Wisconsin -
taking in most of the states in between - ie. Most of Montana,
Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. -There
are other spots around the country that are spoken of as "Places
of Refuge" also, but as I said before, it is utterly crucial to be
led by the Spirit in all of this. When and if these things begin to 
happen, I truly believe God will speak to you if you are listening.

Nothing that I am saying here is a cause for alarm or panic. It
is simply a call to start listening very closely to the voice of God -
which I'm sure many of you are doing already.


The latter part of a lot of these prophecies and dreams show
America being invaded by foreign armies while she is down. There
are so many accounts of people seeing Chinese or UN troops on
American soil in these visions - it is amazing. This is one of the
most consistent features. Heavy Government crackdowns, bombs
and explosions (-even Nukes) in various places - people have
seen many of these things. But the "invading armies" one is 
definitely among the most common. Does it make sense? Yes,
absolutely - if America is down and vulnerable. The U.S has many
enemies in the world - sadly even some in her own Government.

I am writing these things for no other reason than to bring 
"confirmation" to God's Remnant - if they have already been
hearing them from God Himself.

By no means am I asking people to act on what I am writing
here. You need to hear from the Lord directly - and act only
on what He tells you. But hopefully this email may act as a
confirmation, to help you make your decision when and if the
time comes. We all know that even in the very midst of danger, 
being in the center of God's will is literally the only place worth 
being - crisis or no crisis.

But I just wanted to put this out so that people will know what
God has been speaking in many parts of this nation for a
number of years. The safety of the Remnant is certainly of great
concern to me. If you yourself have seen dreams or visions
of these things, I would certainly be interested to hear them.

You can email me at-  prophetic@...

Yours for the love of God's true Remnant in this land,

Andrew Strom.