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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 10:15:43 -0800
-by Andrew Strom.

Last week I wrote a piece outlining the very similar judgments 
that many praying and prophetic people have seen coming upon
the USA - numerous people, both "known" and unknown - who
have seen these things totally independent of one another.  

As I said, this is not a call for alarm or "running away" or any
such thing. It is simply a call to be aware of these things, and
to be listening closely to the Lord if ever the time comes when
He may want you to take action.

Some say we should simply stay and help others - and not
even dream of "escaping". That is certainly fine - and many may
be led to do just that. God can protect us in the midst of
ANYTHING. But if whole regions may actually be UNDERWATER
then we still need to be aware - and listening very closely to
God's voice. 

I received many replies to my piece last week, and I just want to
add a couple of possible danger areas to the List. -These cropped
up again and again in some of the replies.

The first is FLORIDA and that whole Southeast region. There 
have been many many people who have had dreams and visions
of much of that area under water. Again, like the West Coast, it
may be hit by some kind of tsunami. The low-lying parts of 
North Carolina, etc, may also not be safe - though perhaps the
mountains will. So it is not just the West Coast that is under a 
giant "tsunami warning", but also a large portion of the East 
Coast as well. I am simply passing this information along. Please 
take it before the Lord for yourself.

The other thing I wanted to mention again is the "Invasion"
scenario (Chinese, Russian or UN troops, etc), and also the 
"Government crackdown". There is a persistent thread of 'martial 
law' and persecution and people being herded into "camps", etc, 
that people have seen for years - which it is important to be aware 
of. None of this is cause for fear - rather it is cause for PRAYER. 
I truly believe God will keep those safe who are walking close to 
Him - even in the midst of terrible dangers.

There are several maps which I came across in the process of
researching this topic - some of which I feel led to share with you.
They are the kind of maps which have 'shaded areas' where people 
have seen judgment hitting - and I tell you, there are a LOT of 
people who have been shown very similar parts of America getting hit.

To see these maps, please go to our website and you will see a 
big link entitled "DISASTERS WHERE??" just underneath the 
scrolling 'Forum Topics' box. -Here is our website-


OR you can click directly on the link below-


Yours for love of the Remnant,

Andrew Strom.