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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:05:37 -0800
The following are some very interesting replies to last week's 

(1) DAVID SERVANT writes:

Hi Andrew, and greetings from the Andes Mountains of Peru.

I'm sure you knew that I would be overjoyed at your recent "Africa 
Beckons You!" article. Not because you mention something I once 
said in a sermon, but because what you have said is so true. 
There are so many frustrated revival and repentance preachers in 
the U.S.  Yet the U.S. only represents 5% of the world's 
population. And most Americans have had ample opportunity to 
respond to God. Meanwhile, the majority of the other 95% are 
waiting to hear any biblical truth for the first time. So figuring out 
what we should be doing isn't rocket science. "Shake the dust off 
your feet and GO!"

As you noted, in Nigeria, and elsewhere---even where some form 
of American "Christianity" has been embraced---the people have 
yet to hear the true gospel. And when they do, many respond 
positively, realizing that they've formerly believed a lie. I can't tell 
you the number of times in the past where African pastors have 
said to me, "We've never heard an American teach or preach what 
you have proclaimed." And if you can get out beyond the major 
cities of the developing world, you will go where Christians and 
pastors have not yet been corrupted by a false gospel, because 
generally few American preachers are willing to suffer outside the 
comfortable accommodations of a major city. (Praise God!)

So I'm glad to hear that you are heading back to Africa. Africa 
needs you and thousands more just like you who will take a 
gospel of repentance and genuine faith to the multitudes. And 
there are places all over the world where humble men and women 
of God with a true gospel can spark major revivals. So go for it! 
And keep encouraging others to do the same!

(2) TERRY PARKER writes:

Just want to encourage you and confirm what you said in your 
latest email concerning taking the Gospel message to the Third 
World. My wife and I have been going back and forth to the 
Philippines for many years now, as we have a passion to take the 
Gospel to the nations. I got born again in 1988 and from day one I 
just had a deep desire to be a "missionary" or a minister of the 
Gospel. Within one year of salvation, I connected with a team of
believers going to India. It was amazing as I experienced the power 
of the Holy Spirit flowing through my life into the lives of hungry 
recipients. The blind saw, lepers were healed, the lame walked, 
deaf & dumb were restored. Not to mention the countless number 
of people who came to the Lord.

I, also, am a strong advocate for taking the Gospel out and 
majoring, or focusing in places where the message is actually 
received. I have always adhered to the Word, in that we are to 
shake the dust off our feet if we are not received in a particular place. 

When we first started going to the Philippines in 1994, our 
"Christian friends" said we were wrong to go before having 
successfully ministered in our own backyard. However the call 
was there and we just went, in spite of the opposition which 
seemed to always come from within the church. They said that the 
Philippines was a "soft" missionfield and that missionaries only go
there for the easy pickings. Well, we certainly didn't see much 
response to the Gospel in our then home nation of NZ, so we head 
off for Davao City in the Southern Philippines.

In the last 16 or so trips to the Philippines, we have witnessed 
hundreds of people surrendering their lives to God through the 
message of Christ we preached. Several churches have been 
planted and other churches here in Australia are now starting to 
get involved through prayer and financial support.

This is just a taste of what God has done through our lives and 
through our simple willingness to go wherever He calls. There is so 
much more that we can testify to, but I'll refrain in this letter. We 
are not experts, religious bigshots, but rather just ordinary 
believers who believe what the Bible says. 

So, keep on preaching the truth brother. It will certainly bring some
sort of persecution, but I seem to remember Jesus say that 
persecution was just part of the territory if we are to follow Him!!!
Persecution just serves to make us stronger in our relationship 
with the Lord - hallelujah!

So the remnant church continues to wage war and survive against 
the odds, Glory to God!!!

(3)  CARL HENDERSON writes: 

First let me agree with you completely about the fishing hole 
analogy and the call to world missions!
My name is Carl Henderson my family and I are missionaries in 
the Philippines for the last fifteen months (see our website at
We did evangelism ineffectively for 17 years in the US and 
effectively for 3 years after we discovered the Way of the Master 
(WOTM) and The Elijah Challenge (TEC). [Ed Note: One teaches 
you how to preach REPENTANCE, the other teaches you about 
performing MIRACLES in Jesus' name! - ed.] We did street 
ministry for about three years on the streets of Houston, Dallas, 
Galveston (during Mardi Grass), the Rio Grande Valley (US - 
Mexican border area) and a little in Mexico.
Although we had success after learning and using the WOTM in 
the US, God called us to missions after I retired from my position 
in Federal Law Enforcement.  When we arrived in the Philippines 
we found ourselves better equipped for ministry than 95% of the 
missionaries we met.  Some have been twenty year veterans in 
the mission field and yet they don't know how to effectively share 
their faith or preach repentance. After our street experience we "hit 
the ground running" in the third world, and we have a greater 
ministry in just a few months than those who have been here for 
12 to 20 years.
Our experience  (My wife and my two teenage sons and I) 
preaching repentance and witnessing on the streets of Houston 
left us very well prepared for the Philippines.  We have had an 
amazing ministry here and God is moving all around us.  We have 
seen hundreds come to repentance (not easy believism-"wonderful 
plan for your life" nonsense) and we have seen hundreds of people 
healed which we rarely saw in America.  
In seven months we trained 400 evangelists in "Way of the 
Master"/'Elijah Challenge' and they have planted churches (16 that 
we know of), baptized 100 believers in one village and started a 
church, tripled the size of their churches in three weeks, in one 
case a church of 36 members brought in 75 new believers in a
single day's outreach.  Many have told me we have to stop doing 
evangelism because they need to disciple the new believers. We 
have developed an obedience based discipleship program (versus 
the normal knowledge based programs) so they can disciple the 
new people quickly and get them into the harvest fields working.  
I strongly encourage street evangelists with a "Passion for God 
and compassion for the lost" to come to the third world and preach.  
They must really love the people because they are different than 
Americans, which can be trying at times but God is on the march 
in the third world and we must move where HE is moving.  
Get an easy to understand Bible (Non KJV - I came with a NKJV) 
so that those in there audience who are using English as their 
third or fourth language can understand (comprehension is more 
important than having the most accurate translation - most will 
only have a third or fifth grade English understanding) and come to 
Repentance (turning from sin).  Preach the word boldly and with 
power, and watch how God will use them.  
I agree with you completely, and I strongly recommend that all 
with experience on the streets of the US, come!  Leave their egos, 
comforts, expectations, and nationality behind, and serve as a 
child of the King, and help push back the darkness in the third 
world.  Come to where the harvest is plentiful!  Expect dirt, bad 
food, frustrations, inefficiency, difficult conditions at times, and 
smells, but souls will come into the Kingdom if they will preach 
repentance.  We have it so much better than the Apostle Paul, 
how could we dare to complain!!!!
I saw more fruit in three months on the streets of Houston preaching 
the WOTM (repentance) than in my previous 17 years of 
evangelism.  I have seen more fruit in one month in the Philippines 
than in the previous three years preaching WOTM (repentance) on 
the streets of America. 
I have many times lain in my bed at night in tears; weeping with 
joy that God has used me so powerful in a crusade, where many 
repented, and miracles flowed like water.  We experience things 
every month that I used to only read about in the Bible. Taste and 
see the Lord is good, but especially taste and see here in the 
Third World, where the hearts are tender...
The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few... pray to the lord 
of the harvest, and just as important, obey and "GO."