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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 12:10:57 +1300
From:  Andrew Strom  (Moderator).   

Dear friends,
                   yesterday we got some GREAT news! - We 
finally obtained the last of the visas we need to come and 
live in the USA for five years. Surprisingly It has been a 
very smooth process and we certainly say a huge 
"THANKYOU" to all those who have been praying for us.

So we now have a definite booking to fly into Kansas City 
on Feb 4 and there is even a house there waiting for us! 
The house came about quite miraculously, and was a 
further sign to us that this is the right time to make this 
move. We have felt drawn to Kansas City for many 
years, as you know.

In New Zealand, Jacqui and I and our six children have
been crammed into a little 3-bedroom 'ranch'-type house, 
which is all we could afford in Auckland. So on my last 
trip to Kansas City I was looking out for a somewhat 
larger house that perhaps might suit us better!

After praying about it, totally by "accident" we ended 
up on the doorstep of a Christian man who was finishing
off his house to move to Auckland, New Zealand! It was
right in the area where I believe God wants us and it
has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Perfect! And God 
had got us on this man's doorstep - with no "For Sale" 
sign or anything - just after we prayed. He was headed
for Auckland, New Zealand (-where I live), and I was 
headed for the part of Kansas City where he lived! And
he was a praying Christian man who really wanted us
to have it! What are the odds of that?? 

Even the way we bought it was a miracle, with no 
'credit history' established in the USA yet. God brought
a Christian mortgage-broker along who was an absolute
marvel. The Lord organized it all!  In fact, we have been 
on God's "fast track" through this whole process. It 
really does seem to be His time for us to go.

So we are truly looking forward to what God is going
to do in America when we get there. Right from the
start we intend to run regular meetings in South Kansas 
City on Thurs night and Sun night each week. My wife
Jacqui (-who sings on our CD) will be leading worship
and I will be teaching on the process of becoming truly
'Revived' - starting with "personal" Revival that really 
transforms the individual - and moving on from there. It 
is something that can be taught and truly experienced.
And it is one of the keys to large-scale Revival.

Beyond that, we have no real understanding of exactly
what will occur, but we are excited because we know
God is up to something.

As I have written in the past, Kansas City has the most
powerful call of 'Revival' hanging over it that I have ever
come across. Sometimes I am even brought to tears just 
thinking or speaking about it. -The pull of the place is on 
me even now. It is a real burden from the Lord. And we 
fully intend to fulfill whatever it is that God is bringing us 
all that way for. A real burden is on me for the USA 
right now - and Kansas City has such a key place in her
destiny. This calling must be fulfilled. KC must come into 
her promises. So crucial - and time is running out. This is
the burden that I carry for that city as we make this move.

But in the meantime, we have less than four weeks to 
sell and pack almost everything we own, and get ready 
for the long, long flight over the sea! So it certainly is a 
busy and eventful time for our family. We would greatly
appreciate your prayers, my friends.

If there is anyone who is feeling led to make any kind 
of donation towards our moving costs, etc, then I now 
have a bank account set up in America. Here are the details:

NAME: Andrew Strom.
BANK: Bank of America, 10731 State Line Rd, Kansas 
City, MO 64114, USA.
Swift/ ABA number:  081 000 032  (-for money transfers).
Account number:  0034 9026 0949.
For those in New Zealand, there will be a send-off at 
Ranui Baptist on 25 Jan where I will be preaching. 
I will let you know more about that later. 

By the way, the ANZAC List will continue right on in 
the USA.

We are very excited about what God is doing.

Thankyou again for your prayers, my friends!

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.