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Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 15:16:09 +1200
-Andrew Strom.

Todd Bentley has declared that his Florida anointing is the most
"contagious" that he has ever imparted to people. (In other words,
the most easily transferable). And indeed this seems to be the
case. It is spreading rapidly throughout the world.

But what exactly is this anointing? One observer of the Florida
revival notes: "Todd Bentley constantly manifests his "anointing"
by shaking his head back and forth, and by his body physically
shaking. These manifestations also happen frequently in those
who he imparts to. He will even wave his arms over the audience,
shouting, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" and then people in the audience will
start manifesting. Some appear to be convulsing, and some even
as if they are being thrashed by a spirit."

In a CBN News interview, Todd stated: "Our focus here in Florida
every night is I lay hands on every single person who comes -
whether it's 5,000, 10,000 - And I'm praying every night, 'God, give
it away, give it away, give it away.' And that's the focus here: Impartation."

And indeed there are more and more reports of this anointing being
transmitted from Florida to other states and nations across the globe.

As we have already seen, a report from England tells of a preacher
who brought Todd's anointing back from Florida and now it is
manifesting in his UK meetings: "Fire, a burning sensation, was
felt all over people's bodies... There were outbursts of joy, drunken-
ness and spontaneous healings throughout the meeting."

A man from Clearwater, Florida says that a number of people from
his fellowship have attended the revival and then brought the
'anointing' back with them. Here is what he personally saw:

"These are the effects that I have witnessed on people who have
attended this movement and either have had hands laid on them or
claim to have been imparted with "the spirit":
-They come back with this kind of childlike drunken stupor.
-Descriptions of a burning sensation either in their veins, heads or
-Descriptions of being washed back and forth like the waves in the ocean;
-Dancing about like drunk...
-Inappropriate yelling and screaming like they're at a football game;
-Young men whistling over and over and holding their heads and
claiming that they "feel the Holy Spirit about to split them in two";
-One young man's back two teeth turned completely to some
metallic finish.
-People with their eyes rolled in the back of their heads and weaving
around like they're lost.
-Women just gyrating and pulsating like they're being ravaged from
behind from some unseen force.
-Drunken uncontrollable laughter in the middle of a solemn prayer time…
-People being "slain in the spirit"... just falling down and being
unable to move (like something's holding them down)..."

Another eyewitness from the USA writes:

"A friend of mine invited me to a church where the ministry team
brought back a "Fire" from the Lakeland revival… The pastor's wife
was moderating, but she could not complete her sentences
because she was 'drunk in the Spirit.'  She imitated the type of
sounds I read in your blog.  I saw people breaking out into
uncontrollable laughter. I came with my Bible to receive a word…
There was no teaching or preaching. Just testimonies. They talked
about their experience in Lakeland...  Where was the word?  I did
not find any.  I also heard a sound BAM and then I saw someone
being slain in the spirit."

A Spirit-filled pastor that I know from the UK who has been following
Todd Bentley's ministry closely for some years wrote to me about
what he himself has observed since the year 2000:

"My difficulty with Todd Bentley's ministry is not whether he has
recently covered himself with tattoos or pierced himself silly, but
the SOURCE of his power. He keeps changing his position on this.
Sometimes he says it's the Holy Spirit and a lot of the time it's his angels…

"Many have said that they believe that Florida is a 'mixture'.
Personally, I do not believe 'mixture' is involved. I believe these
deceiving spirits have hi-jacked Todd's ministry… Either the healings
are of God or they are not. Which is it?

"People can be healed in spiritualist churches. I have witnessed,
close-up, first hand, people being instantly healed by mediums
and faith healers. I have also seen people healed by the power of
the Holy Spirit. To begin with there is no discernible difference.
However the counterfeit healings soon begin to either go wrong or
something far worse comes upon the person.

"When God heals someone - He adds 'no sorrow.'

"I know Todd started off OK - I was there in his early meetings…
In September 2000 I stood in front of Todd and gave him the
warning that God gave me for him. "Beware, the leaven of the
Pharisees, lest an angelic leaven enters your ministry."

"One month later, according to Todd's own account, at a meeting
in Grants Pass Oregon, Cal Pierce walked in with Branham's
'Healing Revival' angel in tow, Todd saw and accepted this spirit
without reservation. His 'angels' have been with him ever since.

"I have written to Todd on numerous occasions and reminded him
of God's warning, alas to no avail.

"When Todd Bentley conducted a healing meeting in a large
charismatic church here in England in 2005, he laid hands on
many people who were apparently healed. I know of at least one
instance where a pastor's wife with cancer was prayed for by Todd.
Soon afterwards she heard voices in her head telling her to 'drown
herself just like her father did'. The poor woman ended up in a
mental hospital, I believe she still has the cancer.

"No-one is following up or keeping records of what happens to
people who have hands laid on them by Todd or others like him.

"I have kept records as far as I can, concerning this particular
church. Over a relatively short period, there has been a dramatic
increase in premature deaths, cancers, marriage break-ups,
sickness and disease amongst the congregation where the
leadership have allowed this type of ministry into their church.
Many people left the church in fear.

"These are the consequences of following this type of 'ministry'
which no-one is either aware of, or wants to address. I know, I have
visited the people in hospital and attended one of the funerals…"

Meanwhile we find a number of prominent leaders beginning to
declare that this will be one of the greatest revival movements in
history. Some even see it as the beginning of a "new awakening".

Bob Jones declared that "This move will be a global move, traveling
with signs and wonders all over the world! The third wave is here!"

As this 'anointing' spreads worldwide, I believe there are some
serious questions that we need to ask ourselves:

Isn't it possible, with all the dubious 'anointings' and angels and
manifestations associated with Bentley's ministry, that what we
are really seeing is a giant 'counterfeit' revival? Isn't it possible
that if it continues to grow at the present rate, that it may literally
become one of the great "delusions" of the Last Days - a great
deception that has the power to actually deceive, if possible, the
very elect?

These are very serious questions - but I believe they must be
asked - because this 'anointing' is already beginning to circle the globe.

If you have been to a meeting where someone has brought the "fire"
back from Florida, please write and tell me what you saw. I am
collecting accounts from people about this.

Send any emails or feedback to-  prophetic@...


Our website-  http://www.revivalschool.com

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.