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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 16:25:09 +1200
NOTE:  Several items are below:

    -by Josef Urban.

I just want to share a warning with you all about watching the 
videos of this thing on the internet and of watching the videos of 
those things related to it. Also of listening to the worship music. 
Even of videos and music and such from people associated with 
this that are of the same spirit. 

I know a brother who was having serious spiritual attacks the day 
after he watched a video of the revival and spoke against this, and 
they persisted, until he prayed and broke the demonic curses and 
they left instantly. 

Also, last night a dark presence came upon my house after 
watching a video. As soon as we prayed, it went away. And then I 
knew there was truly something there. 

A brother here also had the same thing happen to him last night 
after watching these videos. He said a dark presence and a wicked 
spirit entered his house and he and his wife both discerned it and 
commanded it out and it left and that he too has been warned not 
to watch these things any more. 

There is something really powerful at work here and it's something 
that the Word of Faith preachers haven't even fully tapped into. 

Saints, be careful of these videos. I have personally had my severe 
warning from the Lord not to watch them anymore, and these other 
two brothers have also. There is more than just words in conflict 
here, this is a conflict of spirits. So be warned, and be covered 
with the blood of Jesus! If you must watch them for the purpose of 
discernment, and for speaking against it specifically as is 
profitable for the souls of men, then be covering yourself in prayer 
for protection as you do, and when you're done, break all curses 
over you and command any evil spirit to depart from your midst! 

For those of you who have been watching it, and have embraced it 
and are accepting everything that comes from this move and from 
Todd Bentley, I believe you are potentially in serious trouble and 
you really need to seek the Lord to open your eyes and renounce 
everything that is not directly from the Spirit of God. 

Matt replies: 
Just chiming in to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've only 
watched ~6 minutes of one video and had to turn it off. I felt the 
Holy Spirit warn me not to ever watch again, His words to me 
were "don't allow this into your home." After some prayer I know 
this is truly a Word from the Lord. 


Yulandop writes:
I called David Wilkerson's ministry and I asked why Pastor David 
doesn't minister within the states very often. She stated that he 
does not get many invitations to minister within the states.  

'Apple' replies:
I am saddened to hear that David Wilkerson is not invited to preach 
in the US so much anymore. This is a mighty man of God with 
years of good fruit to vouch for his ministry and character... he has 
almost been a lone voice calling America to repentance.

Andrew Strom comments:
I almost can't believe what I'm reading. If it is true, that is one of
the most terrible things I have ever read. David Wilkerson to me
should be one of the most in-demand preachers in America.
I believe he is one of the last prophets of real stature that the 
USA has - and really a 'giant' you could say. Can this be possible - 
that he gets few invitations?
If you have any information on this, please let me know. 
How awful!  God help America.

(3)  There is a lot of information and comment posted on our
Forums concerning the Florida healing revival. Please take a look.
Here is the website-


God bless you all.