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Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 12:01:19 +1200

"Your days at the most cannot be very long, so use them to the
best of your ability for the glory of God and the benefit of your
generation." - General Booth

"You are not here in the world for yourself. You have been sent
here for others. The world is waiting for you!" - Catherine Booth

"This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of
souls on the earth!" - Keith Green

"I was eight years old when I joined the Church, I preached my
first sermon when I was fourteen, and yet I was a missionary for
twenty years before I had a full vision of Christ as an ever-present
Savior from sin. This vision of Christ is absolutely necessary for
success." – Griffith John

"I long to be filled with divine knowledge, divine wisdom, divine love,
divine holiness, to the utmost extent of my capacity. I want to feel
that all the currents of my soul are interfused in one channel deep
and wide, and all flowing towards the heart of Christ." – Griffith John

"It is the Holy Ghost in us that is everything, and the Father is
willing to bestow Him upon the weakest if he will only ask in the
spirit of implicit faith and entire self-surrender. My cry these days
is for a Pentecost, first on myself and my missionary brethren,
and then on the native Church, and then on the heathen at large."
 – Griffith John

"The Holy Spirit is the immediate source of all holiness. The
missionary must above all things be a holy man. The ideal teacher
of the Chinese is a holy man. He is entirely sincere, and perfect in
love. He is magnanimous, generous, benign, and full of forbearance.
He is pure in heart, free from selfishness, and never swerves from
the path of duty in his conduct. He is deep and active like a
fountain, sending forth his virtues in due season. He is seen, and
men revere him; he speaks, and men believe him; he acts, and
men are gladdened by him. He possesses all heavenly virtues. He
is one with Heaven." – Griffith John

"I am convinced that no Christian teacher can be a great spiritual
power in China in whom this ideal is not embodied and manifested
in an eminent degree. He must be more than a good man (shan
jen); he must be a holy man (sheng jen), exhibiting the vigor of
every right purpose, and the intensity of every devout affection. He
must be a man full of the Holy Ghost, and the divinity within must
energize mightily through him. He must be a man who will take
time, not only to master the language and literature of this people,
but also to be holy. It is not ourselves-our poor selves-the Chinese
want to see, but God in us" – Griffith John

"The Holy Spirit is the source of spiritual unity! He is the Fount of
all true joy! We as missionaries need the fullness of this joy.
Without it our work will be a burden to us, and we shall toil on with
the hearts of slaves; and the hearts of slaves are never strong."
 – Griffith John

"We must take time to become filled with His power; we must
take time to be holy. Let us put our desires into one heart-felt
petition for a baptism of the Holy Ghost, and not cease to present
it until we have prevailed. So Elijah prayed; he threw himself on the
ground, resolved not to rise again till his request was granted. So
Jacob WRESTLED with the angel. So Daniel set his face unto the
Lord his God. So the disciples continued with one accord in prayer
and supplication! – Griffith John

"God's time for revival is the very darkest hour, when everything
seems hopeless. It is always the Lord's way to go to the very
worst cases to manifest His glory." – Andrew Gih

"God's program for reviving His people is definite and clear. First
Elijah "repaired the altar of Jehovah that was thrown down." That is
the place to begin. All the ruin that sin has wrought must be
cleared away by confession. Things must be made right with God;
restitution must be made where it is due. Unless this is done
definitely and thoroughly, prayer for reviving is vain…Too many are
praying today without repairing the altar by confession of sin,
without digging a trench of separation from the world and without a
surrender that is even unto death. No wonder such prayer is
fruitless." – Andrew Gih

"In the interior city of Chengchow the ‘Bethel Evangelistic Band’
had a very difficult time. The meetings had gone on without
noticeable results and the last day came. The Band knew that the
hindrance must be with the leaders who seemed quite indifferent.
Desperately we prayed, and when hope seem almost gone we
were reminded that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years.
He can do wonders in just one day! Our faith took hold on God for
the fall of Jericho at the last. And God honored our faith. During
the morning meeting one of the missionaries could not restrain his
tears and confessed most humbly that he was a great sinner and
hypocrite. Then the Holy Spirit fell on the whole congregation and
all were convicted of sin and confessed with tears of contrition. At
the closing meeting there was no opportunity for preaching. The
Holy Spirit was working and people spontaneously confessed
their sins and need, or gave joyous testimonies of salvation." – Andrew Gih

"Before we go to our knees to receive the Baptism of Fire, let me
beg of you to see to it that your souls are in harmony with the will
and purpose of the Holy Spirit whom you seek." - William Booth

"Revival is the saints of God agonizing on behalf of lost souls
going to hell." – James A. Stewart

"Revival is the people of God living in the power of an ungrieved,
unquenched Spirit." – James A. Stewart

"Revival is the child of God desperately in love with his glorious
Savior and Lord." – James A. Stewart