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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 13:03:05 +1200
-by 'Shimei' (May 28, 2008).

Call to the Elijah prophets 

This is a call to the Elijah prophets to prepare to be brought forth 
and a call to the Obediah and Balaam prophets to repent. There 
are many of you who have the call to be a prophet, however, few 
have chosen the path of Elijah but instead have chosen the path of 
Obadiah. The difference is one chose to be a servant of Yahweh 
and the other a servant of man, disqualifying himself to be a 
prophet of God. Yet others have chose the path of Balaam, risking 
their very lives for profit. 

Elijah had renounced the benefits of man and Israel. This must 
happen for the prophet to be pure otherwise he is compromised 
because he is obligated to man. There is no benefit from man that 
does not come with strings attached. The Lord was Elijah's sole 
supplier. The Lord hid him, He fed him and provided for him in 
every sense. Even when the famine was in the land of Israel the 
Lord did not provide for Elijah from Israel but by from a poor widow 
from a foreign land. Elijah was to have NO OBLIGATION to anyone in Israel. 

Obadiah on the other hand was fed at the king's table. He was 
obligated to the king and would lose some benefit if he gave a 
"bad" prophecy. He had good intentions by hiding the young 
prophets from Jezebel. However, he could not deliver the Word of 
the Lord to either Ahab or Jezebel. The Lord could not trust him. 

Balaam on the other hand was greedy for profit. Obadiah could not 
or would not trust the Lord for his provision. Balaam wanted more 
than just his provision. He was even willing to go against the Lord 
God of Israel for personal gain. The result was the Lord sent an 
angel to take his life and the angel would have had it not been for 
Balaam's donkey. 

If you are called to be a prophet and are "submitted" to an elder or 
pastor and are receiving any benefit from them such as; promotion, 
any financial benefit, living accomondations, travel benefits, etc. 
then you are compromised. You are an Obediah prophet not 
entrusted to deliver the corrective word the church much needs. 
Repent from your position and benefits, sever you ties and pray for 
the Lord to break and remove all obligations from you, except for 
love. You may need to return some of your benefits. 

If you are selling your services, prophecies or blessings to the 
highest bidder then you are a Balaam and you need to repent and 
turn from your wicked ways. Return all of the moneys you have 
stolen and beg the Lord God for mercy. Perhaps He will restore you. 

If you are going to be effective for the Lord in these times when the 
Church is in the hands of Ahabs and Jezebels then you cannot 
receive any benefit from them. You must be set apart by the Lord, 
Holy unto Him, and serve Him alone in order to be effective in 
removing this disease from the Body before it dies. You must be 
fed at His hand and hidden by Him. You must be content, actually
pleased to be hidden by Him. You must be at peace and even 
satisfied deep in your soul to be fed by the ravens. And you must 
hate the prophets of Baal and Ashteroth and be willing to confront 
them on the supernatural plain. You must send a clear call to the 
Church to "choose this day who you will serve". Then you will be 
an Elijah prophet and the Church just might be healed, restored 
and returned to the Lord. Prophets, you have a high calling, do not 
compromise with the world or man! You were not called to have a 
name, or to be lifted up, just to see well enough to identify the 
cancer of sin in the Body and to assist in removing it, but it must 
be removed in you first! Choose this day who you will serve, man 
or Yahweh, and then serve with ALL YOUR HEART. You will not 
arrive at your Prophetic commission in a day, but in years after 
you have been throughly broken, purged and tried, to be proven 
faithful and pure of motive and heart. Then you will only speak His 
words in season and loath to speak your own. Then and only then 
will Father trust you and send His angel to commission you a
Prophet of God. May you serve Him well. 

~Found on the Forum at- http://www.revivalschool.com