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Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 09:52:24 +1200
- Ken [-Revivalschool member].

Well, shortly after Lakeland started I was posting here as a 
"supporter". I had my life transformed in the Brownsville revival, 
and knowing that many who were offended at Lakeland were from 
the same camp as those who opposed Brownsville, I naturally took 
what I thought to be "the proper side". Although I did say I was put 
off by the hype surrounding Lakeland, I was open to the idea that it 
was "from God", and I saw criticism from this board that I chalked 
up to mostly phariseeism. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I saw this video on YouTube. [-Linked 
below]. It changed my mind once and for all. I don't know what 
spirit was speaking to Bentley when he was told the revival wasn't 
about getting people to Jesus, but it's about getting people to 
believe in "the angel", but I've enough discernment to know it 
wasn't God's Spirit! 

This should be elementary, but since sharing this with others I 
know who've supported Lakeland, I was shocked to find it really 
didn't bother them in the least! The leader of the revival says it's 
not about getting people to Jesus but getting them to believe in 
"the angel"- SINGULAR. What the heck? Is this the delusion? 

Well, I've seen the devil tip his hand and I've turned the other 
direction. If God allowed me to see it and turn, He'll show others 
too. I'm praying it happens, and I'm telling everyone I know about this. 

I apologise to anybody I might have offended or misled in keeping 
my "open mind" about Lakeland. I would exhort everyone who still 
thinks this is "from God" to honestly listen to what's being said on 
the video. Does the Holy Spirit lead people to Jesus, or angels?  

MORE from KEN:
Todd said that "God" told him "Todd, you've got to get the people 
to believe in the angel." I don't know how else to take that. I don't 
have a problem with believing in the supernatural, if I didn't believe 
in the supernatural I wouldn't believe in Jesus in the first place! 

But look at the statement again. It looks like an agenda to me. 
Todd and the rest (Bob Jones, etc.) are always talking about their 
encounters with supernatural entities, but you never once hear 
how they test what they're supposedly communicating with. I've 
even heard BJ say that he told a "priest" that was talking to him, "I 
know that you're Jesus, but I don't know who". 

So who, or what are these spirits that are talking to these guys? 
They aren't tested, and nobody from the prophetic movement 
seems to think it's important that they are. The "credentials" of the 
preacher passing on the message are good enough (Credentials 
meaning, how many people do they have following their ministry). 
Well, that's not the criteria I read in the Bible for testing the spirits.....

So my point is, the spirits aren't tested, so all you have to go by is 
does what they say agree with the Spirit and the Word? Would it 
be on God's agenda to get people to believe in "The angel" ? Why? 
Was that a running theme in the New Testament church? Was 
Paul bent on getting the "gospel of the angel" to the church at 
large, or to any of his mission field? I have to say no, it is and 
always has been and never will be anything other than getting the 
people to JESUS. If things aren't going "that direction", count me 
out - I ain't goin', and I'll tell anyone else who'll listen they should 
skip the trip, too... 

In the context of that message Todd was talking about "the angel 
of the winds of change", who Todd says is responsible for the revival. 
Why is an angel responsible for the revival? Why wouldn't God 
Himself be responsible? What angelic entity that was of the host 
of the Lord would even allow a "move of God" to focus on itself? I 
can think of only one type of angel that would receive any kind of 
special attention or glory from men - that would be a fallen angel. 

Let the Spirit of the Lord speak to your heart concerning these things. 

I pray you find the true God and Lord of the Bible and follow Him only. 

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