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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 16:03:25 +1300
-Author Unknown.

Mr. Hyde had a wonderful experience to
which he owed, I believe, his power with God, and
therefore with man.  He used to speak of it as one
of the most direct and solemn lessons God ever 
taught him.  He was up in the hills resting for a 
short time.  He had been burdened about the spiritual
 conditions of a certain pastor, and he resolved to
 spend time in definite intercession for him.  Entering
 into his "inner chamber" he began pouring out 
his heart to his Heavenly Father concerning that 
brother somewhat as follows: --
 "O God!  Thou knowest that my brother now is"
  -- ("cold" he was going to say) when suddenly a
 hand seemed to be laid on his lips, and a voice said 
to him in stern reproach, "He that toucheth him,
 toucheth the apple of mine eye."  A great horror came
 over him.  He had been guilty before God of "accusing
 the brethren". [Rom 2:15]  He felt rebuked and 
humbled before God.  It was he himself who first 
needed putting right.  He confessed this sin.  (He 
claimed the precious blood of Christ that cleanseth
 from all sin!) [1 John 1:7] "Whatsoever things are 
lovely ... if there be any virtue, if there be any praise,
think on 'these things.'" [Phil 4:8]

Then he cried out, "Father, show me what 
things are lovely and of good report in my brother's
 life."  Like a flash he remembered how that brother
 had given up all for Christ, enduring much
 suffering from relations whom he had given up!
  He was reminded of his years of hard work, of
 the tact with which he managed his difficult
congregation, of the many quarrels he had healed, 
of what a model husband he was.  One thing after 
another rose up before him and so all his prayer 
season was spent in praise for his brother instead 
of in prayer.  He could not recall a single petition, 
nothing but thanksgiving!  God was opening his 
servant's eyes to the highest of ministries, that 
of praise.

Mark the result also on that brother's life: 
 When Mr. Hyde went down to the plains, he found 
that just then the brother had received a great 
spiritual uplift.  While he was praising, God was
 blessing. A wonderful Divine Law, the law of a 
Father's love.  While we bless God for any child 
of His, He delights to bless that one!

This was the secret of John Hyde`s power with
 God.  He saw the good in God's little ones, and so was 
able to appreciate God's work of grace in that heart.
  Hence he supplied the heavenly atmosphere 
of praise in which God's love was free to work in
 all its fullness.