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"Where Has The Glory Gone?"
-Hollie L. Moody  (5 Feb 2004).

Since the closing of the year of 2003, the Lord instructed 
me to be silent and to observe closely events transpiring in 
the congregation I attend. The Lord laid it on my heart that 
these events I would be observing would also be events 
transpiring to many other congregations worldwide. 

Attendance at the congregation I attend has dropped by 
more than half. Almost no young people or young couples 
remain. Those who have left this congregation, for the most 
part, have not backslid. They still love the Lord and want to 
serve Him. They have just stopped coming to church.

I ask myself often, "Where has the glory gone?"

A few weeks ago, the Lord broke His silence and began to 
speak and reveal and show some things to me about myself 
and the congregation I attend. The Lord said that these 
things also apply to others of His children and other 

It is with a spirit of weakness and a heart almost of fear 
(feeling completely unable and incapable of somehow putting 
into words), that I now attempt to share these things with others. 

The Lamp Of God Went Out

In a vision, the Lord and I were standing quietly next to each 
other. The Lord showed me a church building set upon a 
large hill. I saw a bright light shining out from this church 
building. Then, the light began to glow fainter and fainter. 
Until finally, the light went out. 

The Glory Is Departed

In the vision, I then saw an opaque cloud shoot out through 
the top of this church building. When this happened, I saw 
people leaving the building.

Spirit Of A Whore

A beautiful woman then approached the darkened church 
building and entered into it. From the way the woman was 
dressed, she appeared to be a prostitute.

I then found myself with the Lord within the church building. 
I noticed that there were a few people remaining in the building. 

The prostitute was going from person to person, whispering 
in their ears. Some of the people appeared to listen to her 
words. Other people put their hands over their ears and ran 
from the prostitute. 

"Who is this prostitute?" I asked the Lord.

"She represents a spirit of false doctrine," the Lord replied. 
"This is a spirit perverting My Word; mingling carnality with 
that which is holy."

Spirit Of Absalom

I saw a male in the church building begin to go up to all the 
people in the building and begin to speak to each of them. I 
walked over to this man and heard his words of flattery and 
self-promotion. His words were  masked with a false humility.

Soon, I noticed that most of the people remaining in the 
congregation had begun to gather around this man. 

"Who is this man?" I asked the Lord.

"This is the spirit of Absalom," the Lord replied. "This spirit 
is at work within many congregations to steal the hearts of 
the faithful. This spirit draws many of My children into self-
promotion. This is a spirit of idolatry rampant in many 
congregations and in many of My children's hearts."

Perfect Through Sufferings

I then noticed a group of people standing slightly apart from 
the rest of the people in the congregation. Some of these 
people appeared to be quite angry and upset. Others were 
weeping, and some were standing absolutely still. 

As I continued to watch these people, I saw the Lord 
approach them and knock all of them down to the ground. 
I was absolutely shocked when I saw this.

Then, the Lord knelt down on the ground in the midst of the 
people He had just knocked down. Very gently, with great 
compassion, I saw the Lord draw into His arms and onto His 
lap each of these people He had knocked down to the ground.

I hesitantly approached the Lord and the group of people the 
Lord was embracing on the floor of the church building.

"Who are these people, Lord?" I asked.

"These are My greatly beloved ones," the Lord replied 
tenderly. "They are My prophets. I sent them to 
congregations, to pastors, to others of My children. Some 
were honored. Most were not. 

"Oftentimes, their words were ignored or ridiculed. They were 
set aside and pushed aside in many congregations. They 
endured many situations and persecutions while crying out to 
Me why it must needs be this way. 

"I caused it to be a time of testing for many of them. I allowed 
many of their sufferings to come upon them  in order to bring 
them to perfection. It is through what they have suffered and 
endured faithfully that they are now mature spiritually. It is 
through having been broken of their own agendas and fleshly 
efforts and desire for renown that I have perfected them."

Old And New Wineskins

I then watched as the Lord rose to His feet, held a hand out 
to each of the prophets He had knocked to the ground, and 
gently helped them back to their feet. I saw that each prophet 
leaned heavily upon the Lord's Hand to raise them back up 
instead of trying through their own efforts to get back to their feet.

When the prophets were back on their feet, I saw the Lord 
put what appeared to be water canteens into the hands of 
each prophet. Some canteens appeared either older or newer 
than other canteens.

Then, the prophets took the canteens around to the people 
within the church building. The prophets offered each person 
a drink from the canteen they were holding. Some of the 
people appeared to want to drink from either an older or a 
newer canteen. They were allowed to do so.

Repairer Of The Breach

After each person had drank from the canteen, I watched as 
the Lord began to touch the places within the church 
building that appeared to be broken down or in need of 
some type of repair. 

As I watched closer, I noticed that the entire church building 
was actually made up of individual people. As I turned in a 
slow circle to stare at the entire church building, I became 
fully aware of the fact that the building was flesh and blood. 

I stood in silent awe, watching the Lord repairing and 
restoring His Church. While the Lord was at work, I realized 
that what had been a church building consisting of manmade 
materials was now disappearing. It was being replaced by 
an organism that appeared to be alive and breathing and 
growing even as I stared at it. 

The Lord continued to work on this organism. As He did, I 
heard noises behind and around me. I looked around and 
behind me and saw long lines of people coming towards the 
Lord. As the people reached the Lord, He reached out, 
grasped each person, and incorporated that person into the 
organism He was building. 

Slowly, I also approached the Lord.

"I've waited a long time for this moment, My child," the Lord 
said to me. "Not just for you, but for all of My children."

Then, the Lord reached out for me, gently took Me into His 
hands, and fit me into my place within the organism He was building.

Isaiah 58:12 ~ "And they that shall be of thee shall build the 
old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many 
generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the 
breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in."

In Him,
~Hollie L. Moody.