[bible1year] Devotional comments on Exodus 1-4

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From: glen_stewart@...
Date: 18 Jan 2017 12:35:08 -0000
        We now begin the story of Moses. There is no 
reason to doubt that he wrote the Book of Exodus. The 
unity of the book shows there was only one author; and 
the eyewitness accounts indicate that the author was 
present. Christ affirmed the Mosaic authorship of the 
book in John 5:46,47 and 7:19.

        "Exodus" means "the way out" in the Greek 
language. This book describes Israel's bondage in Egypt 
and the wonderful way out God gave them.

        The key word in Exodus is "redemption," since 
"to redeem" means "to set free." The entire book is 
filled with pictures of our salvation through Christ.

        While Genesis is the book of beginnings, Exodus 
is the book of redemption. In chapter 1 we see the 
persecution of God's people. We also see a new 
generation, a new king, and a new strategy! The king's 
plan to kill all the male babies would have met with 
great success if God had not intervened. God uses the 
weak things of this world to defeat the mighty! He used 
the midwives to confound the king, just as He later used 
a baby's cry to reach the heart of Pharaoh's daughter.

        The story of Moses should be an encouragement to 
every believer. No matter how weak you are, no matter 
how small your talent, God can use you, if you are 
willing to commit your life to Him and allow Him to work 
through you. Truly the song writer was correct when he 
wrote, "Little is much when God is in it."