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From: Greg Slade <gslade@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 04 21:08:22 -0800
> Greg Slade's comment in the thread "Big Blue Bad No Longer?"
> that he "only had 6 products listed for Linux or UNIX in my
> database" (for church management software, I believe) reminded
> me of a site I came across some months back which provides a
> table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows
> software in Linux.

Oh, hey, thanks! I had heard of that site, but didn't have the URL. Now 
I'll have to check it out and see if they list any Christian software. 

The reason for my sudden burst of research, as Glen will know if he's 
been keeping an eye on my web folders, is that I am in the process of 
taking the contents of my church related software database, and putting 
up the information about currently supported products which I can find on 
a new web project under the CAMsoc site. That way, when people ask 
"what's good software for...?", I can tell them to "go and look it up 
yourself." As it happens, mostly I have been deleting records, rather 
than putting them up. Last night, of about two dozen companies/products I 
search for, I found five or six, if that. Of the six "UNIX" church 
management packages I had listed, three companies have disappeared, and 
the other three appear to be shipping Windows products only, but I wrote 
them all and asked about UNIX/Linux products. I have no idea how bad 
things are going to be when I go through the Bible software listings.

God bless,



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