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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:04:32 -0500
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After studying several video editing solutions (MainActor is the only 
commercial one, $200) including GopChop, Kino, AvidEmux2, FreeJ, Lives, 
Jahshaka, and VeeJay, I found that Lives was the most useful to me while 
editing MPEG2.


Lives allowed me to chop out "commercials" in the video stream, append 
multiple video segments to each other, and add transition effects between 
video segments.  I used AvideEmux2 to splice the MP3 audio onto the video, 
but probably could have done this with Lives too.

I'd keep an eye on Jahshaka, but at the moment it is useless for video.  It's 
at http://www.jahshaka.com/welcome/welcome.html

Some people try to use VirtualDub under Wine.  I tried it, but was nowhere 
near as fruitful as with Lives - VirtualDub kept crashing and was slow and 
messed up the window often.

One tip for Lives: don't try opening a file from the command-line when you 
start Lives - it will tell you the file is incompatible.  Open the file from 
within Lives, and it will often open it fine.

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