[c_lug] Mandriva 2007.0, (K)Ubuntu Dapper, and Edgy

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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 20:07:14 -0500
Recently had the opportunity to do some upgrades, and thought I'd share my 

Had a Ubuntu Dapper system running on a box with both IDE and SCSI drives.  
Edgy would not see the SCSI drives to format or install, though Knoppix 
would.  I went through a lot to try making it work (making my own initrd with 
custom modules, etc) and concluded that Ubuntu (and Debian) just don't "get 
it" - the SCSI modules should be compiled in the kernel, and not external.

Mandriva gets it - and their installer works and boots from SCSI.  Sadly, I 
got another reminder of the limited world non-paying Mandriva Free 2007.0 
users must live in...and the depressing experience of using RPM again.  For 
example, BZflag isn't available in the Mandriva DVD or the RPM repositories.  
The src.rpm's are available to compile yourself, and figure all the 
dependencies out...what fun!

Another box was IDE-only, and had a very smooth upgrade from Dapper to Edgy.  
If it had been a server, the only focus area I see needing work, would be 
migrating to the new startup mechanism replacing init.d.  They have new drive 
identification in place, so mounts don't get out of order when drives come 
and go - this is very important for a multi-disk server.

Speaking of which, there was a theory that a very parallel SATA system could 
adequately replace a server with less SCSI disks.  I can say that this is 
true, as long as the multitasking I/O on the parallel SATA system isn't too 
high.  Such a system can easily replace a web and email server that is 
properly architected (low-load server daemons).

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