[c_lug] K3B and the dreaded ?input/output error: not necessarily serious?.

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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 21:10:45 -0500
I had my first success burning a CD using K3B (without turning HAL off) just 
now, but using cdrdao (selectable by turning Manual Writing Application 
Selection on) with a Manual Writing Buffer Size of 8Mb, Burnfree on, and 
Allow Overburning on.

The speed and mode were set to Auto.  

I burned on RW CD at 4x, and one CD-R at 48x, with no errors whatsoever.

This is on Kubuntu Edgy with a fairly new LG DVD burner connected via SATA 

All attempts to use cdrecord with any setting variation have been unreliable.

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