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From: Joseph <ragweed@...>
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 09:26:11 -0500

Mike,  you'd said, "And with switching GnuCash I am /free at last/ from 
having to use MS Windows for any task I do :-)"

That's a good word,  but I have a problem with Gimp.  It's user friendly 
when it comes to me...   I like how Corel Photo Paint 7 works...   but 
can't get very many Windows things to work with wine.

Thanks for the advice;  I'll take a look see at GnuCash.  :)


Mike Green wrote:
> I have been using GnuCash for about the past six months and am quite 
> satisfied with it.
> If you go to Reports -> Account Report when you are in the account for 
> which you wish to print the register, it will create the report which 
> is the register report I believe you wish. You can then print that via 
> File -> Print Report.
> Further you can customize the report extensively. E.g., under View -> 
> Filter By ... (when you are the account itself, not the report, and 
> before you generate the report) you can choose what dates to include 
> in the report, etc. And, after generating the report, you can right 
> click on it to select which columns to include in the report, etc. 
> There is also the option to use different style sheets. I have not 
> explored this yet. But I think it may use pretty much standard CSS, as 
> used for Web pages.
> I had used Quicken for close to two decades. Last Spring my Quicken 
> version (which I had finally gotten to work in Linux under Wine) 
> suddenly informed me that it had passed the date at which I had to buy 
> a new version if I wished to continue to download data from any 
> financial institutions into it. This prompted me to do a search for 
> alternatives and lead me to GnuCash. One of the reasons I adopted it 
> was that it is cross-platform. My wife can also use it on her Windows 
> XP machine. Another was the sort of recommendations I found for it in 
> my online search. One stood out in particular. The wife of the person 
> who wrote it is an accountant. After a short time taken to learn how 
> to use GnuCash (and if I remember properly his wife was not a Linux 
> person), she insisted that they only use GnuCash because of its sound 
> accounting procedures.
> And with switching GnuCash I am /free at last/ from having to use MS 
> Windows for any task I do :-)
> God bless!
> Mike Green
> Joseph wrote:
>> Is there a program for keeping track of banking and financial records 
>> with which you can print out the the register with all checks, dates, 
>> amounts, etc...?  Since my boy is disabled, I need to keep track of 
>> these financial records, and print them for tax purposes.
>> I've tried "KMyMoney," "Gnu Cash Finance Management," and "Home 
>> Bank"...   but while one or two will allow me to print a check, I 
>> don't need that, and none 'seem' to allow me to print the register.
>> Anyone know of another program where I can print everything in the 
>> register??


Joseph Snurr
Cotter, AR.

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