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From: Joseph <ragweed@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 11:11:44 -0500

Mike, I'm now using GnuCash.  Thanks for making me look at it a bit 
deeper.  It seems quite sufficient.

However, I'm having one problem....

I'm putting in entries from all down through the year, and after making 
entries for a while, it will come up with the following error:

"This transaction is already being edited in another register.  Please 
finish editing it there first."

I've got two registers going.  One for general family expenses, and one 
for expenses that's just for my boy.

I know I'm not making an entry in the second register, when I'm putting 
it in THIS register.  I make one entry at a time on one or the other 

To correct it, I must shut down the program, and restart it again....   
not a big problem, but a tad bothersome.

Any idea what's causing this quirk, and how I can stop it??

Mike Green wrote:
> I have been using GnuCash for about the past six months and am quite 
> satisfied with it.
> If you go to Reports -> Account Report when you are in the account for 
> which you wish to print the register, it will create the report which 
> is the register report I believe you wish. You can then print that via 
> File -> Print Report.
> Further you can customize the report extensively. E.g., under View -> 
> Filter By ... (when you are the account itself, not the report, and 
> before you generate the report) you can choose what dates to include 
> in the report, etc. And, after generating the report, you can right 
> click on it to select which columns to include in the report, etc. 
> There is also the option to use different style sheets. I have not 
> explored this yet. But I think it may use pretty much standard CSS, as 
> used for Web pages.
> I had used Quicken for close to two decades. Last Spring my Quicken 
> version (which I had finally gotten to work in Linux under Wine) 
> suddenly informed me that it had passed the date at which I had to buy 
> a new version if I wished to continue to download data from any 
> financial institutions into it. This prompted me to do a search for 
> alternatives and lead me to GnuCash. One of the reasons I adopted it 
> was that it is cross-platform. My wife can also use it on her Windows 
> XP machine. Another was the sort of recommendations I found for it in 
> my online search. One stood out in particular. The wife of the person 
> who wrote it is an accountant. After a short time taken to learn how 
> to use GnuCash (and if I remember properly his wife was not a Linux 
> person), she insisted that they only use GnuCash because of its sound 
> accounting procedures.
> And with switching GnuCash I am /free at last/ from having to use MS 
> Windows for any task I do :-)
> God bless!
> Mike Green
> Joseph wrote:
>> Is there a program for keeping track of banking and financial records 
>> with which you can print out the the register with all checks, dates, 
>> amounts, etc...?  Since my boy is disabled, I need to keep track of 
>> these financial records, and print them for tax purposes.
>> I've tried "KMyMoney," "Gnu Cash Finance Management," and "Home 
>> Bank"...   but while one or two will allow me to print a check, I 
>> don't need that, and none 'seem' to allow me to print the register.
>> Anyone know of another program where I can print everything in the 
>> register??


Joseph Snurr
Cotter, AR.

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