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From: Joseph K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 23:19:57 -0400
Egil Wold wrote:

> > I have some questions to ask regaring Dragonraid. I don`t know who
> > the answers for these things, therefore I put it out on the forum.

> > 1. How are the progress with DR 2nd edition going?

As usual, slowly.  And, we have recently put more effort to getting
Vulturian's Tower to playtest than the Second Edition.

> > 2. How about a new printing of the already published material? It
> > create interest to see a new book in the shelf. Or what about a 1.5 
> > Revised edition.

I think that a reprint of the original would not be worth the effort. 
There are enough changes that have to be made to the original that the
1.5 version may be a better idea.  But, the Second Edition is really the
way to go, it makes more sense to make all the changes and additions and
revamp everything and really make it worth it to the customer to

> > 3.When will the DragonRaid novel be released? How do you get 
involved with 
> > writing DragonRaid novels, or stories? Could there be launched a 
> > literacy/writing competition, and then made a compendium/collection
of the 
> > best stories?

Scott could give you a better idea on the time line since he is doing the
work, but it takes a lot of time to go through the process with a

How do you get involved?  Write something and post it.  Or send it to me
or Scott and we can get the ball rolling.

Scott would be in charge of any contests, but I am sure something could
be arranged.

> > 4. Is there a news page for DragonRaid?

On the website - http://www.dragonraid.com or http://www.dragonraid.net. 
That is for the leadership to post.  The forums are also on the website,
anyone can post there.

> > 5: Some critics have said that among those publishing/owning
> > the opinion is that a GameMaster should only used published material?
> > this true? What about publishing something about how to make ones own

> > adventures?

That depends on what you want to do.  I have seen plenty of adventures
that people have written for their own groups.  Most did not really have
any scriptural teachings presented, they were just adventures for the fun
of it.  I would not consider those to be true DragonRaid material.

If you can write an adventure that teaches scriptural principles, great! 
Go for it.  Don't wait for new published adventures.

We have a writer's guide, but it mostly covers style and such, it does
not give step-by-step instructions on how to write an adventure.  Use the
published adventures as templates to write your own.