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From: "Joe Revesz" <jrevesz@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:52:08 -0500
Joe Long wrote:

>Okay - is it the "normal" LightRaider procedure to use a
> (physical) shield on defense? I agree that usually an off-hand weapon
> is not as good a defense as a shield, but is much, much better than
> nothing. Also, it's versatile enough for really neat tricks.

No, shields are not in the rules, yet.  What we have been looking at 
is adding four shield sizes, with a bonus in Shield of Faith for 

Buckler +1 SF, 1 Tal

Small +2 SF, 2 Tal

Medium (Medieval Knight) +3 SF, 3 Tal

Large (Roman) +4 SF, 4 Tal

I do not want to take away the reliance of the character on the 
OverLord, so shields do not have to be made available.  "The Lord is 
my shield, a LightRaider does not show his lack of faith by carrying 
a man-made shield."  or some such.

>In real life some weapons (particularly sais) were designed and

Real life?  This is DragonRaid.   ;-)

> trained with mostly for disarms. The "main gauche" was a European
> equivalent, a sort of special daggar used with a sword as a defensive
> weapon. I would give players a bonus to disarm and a small defense
> bonus and probably no attack bonus for short, off-hand weapons. (Or
> cloaks. What would be the formula for "cloak" fighting proficiency?)

Cloak, same as Net 

Melee: 1 Tal, Skill=(AG+CO+MC+SE)/4,  no damage, can only be used 
to entangle opponent's weapon. If LR makes successful hit, weapon is 
entangled.  Opponen tmust make successful hit to untangle, then LR 
can try to re-entangle.......

>For fighting "Florentine" (two long weapons at once) it depends
> how "fantasy" you want to get.  Arguably the greatest swordsman of
> Japan, Musashi, used two swords, but never in a duel against a
> seriously dangerous opponent. In Europe some swordmasters advocated
> training with two swords but nobody seems to have actually FOUGHT that
> way. My acquaintances who do "kali" think two quick, short swords used
> in a pattern are superior offense and defense to a single, longer
> weapon. I would make a player who wanted to do that take two
> proficiencies in the same weapon, and give him a "solo battle" bonus
> (because, hey, it's awfully impressive to see!) and a disarm bonus.

LightRaiders should not show off.

Contrary to popular belief, Solo Battle is not a good thing.  It is a 
penalty for being forced to fight alone.  It has been reworked to 
reflect that, and will be removed from the weapon equations.

>  No multiple attacks, although I know my kali  friends would disagree. 
>I think multiple attacks would unbalance play
> too much and make too many people be "Florentine" fighters when in
> historical combat, hardly anyone was. (There must have been a good
> reason.) 
>      Well, ONE multiple attack, but only if the player thinks of it.

Maybe at -2.

> What you do is, from about one full step out of sword range, throw
> your left-hand weapon and rush in. That's either a separate throwing
> attack, or at least a big bonus on the "real" sword attack because of
> the distraction.

That might work.  Thanks resident sword-guy.

Joe R