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From: <GrandSpam@...>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:09:33 EDT
Here's a doozy of a question that has been bothering me for a while now.  If,
for  instance, a group of LightRaiders infiltrated a castle to retrieve a
section of the Sacred Scrolls, and pretended to be servants, would that be
wrong (would they lose mu for it?)
I have a few thoughts on this.  One of them is, this is dishonest, and
therefore wrong.  However, what about those people who lied to the Nazis,
saying that they were not hiding Jews in their house?  Then again, is it right
to say you are something you are not?  On the other hand, the Ten Commandments
only say not to bring "false witness against a neighbor," it doesn't, if I
recall, specifically forbid lying.  However, other places, the Bible calls
Satan the "father of lies," and LR's certainly don't want to be doing the will
of Satan!

Do you see why this is confusing me?  This is a sticky subject that I am very
confused on, and it has some interesting ramifications in DR.  Aside from the
earlier predicament, what about the OverLord's Guard?  They are allowed to
change their appearance, in essence, pretending to be something they are not.
I have skimmed the Bible a bit, and have found a few instances where a King
has disguised himself and gone in to battle, and another one where a prophet
of the Lord disguised himself while talking to a King, to trick him into
telling the truth about what happened or something.  Like I said, I am
confused.  All this theological stuff is giving me a headache, but I think
it's important to talk about.  If anyone has any input into this, please, give

For the Glory of the OverLord,
Romans 8:28