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From: "jackray" <jackray@...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:27:34 -0400
If your group ever gets into County Fair, they will have to map.  The only
maps provided are for the AM, except for one general street map of the city.
And nothing is really identified on it.  If they don't map, they will have
problems getting home, as they have to retrace a few days in the desert.
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> Hello, to all!
> My group, which is playing Moonbridge Raid, has reached Part II,
> and I feel
> should start keeping track of their location by creating a map as they go,
> rather than have me progressively reveal the map that comes with
> the module.
> I see a few advantages to having the LRs map as they go.  First, they will
> be more inclined to listen when I describe each new sector.  Second, by
> having the players involved in making a map, more time is available for me
> to review the hidden details of the sector.  And third, this will
> also allow
> for the chance of becoming lost.
> One of the players has offered some resistance to the idea of having the
> group map.  When pressed, the player said it was reminiscent of D&D and
> didn't contribute to the purpose of DR.
> While nothing from Scripture jumped to mind to show that mapping is
> Biblical, neither did anything to show that mapping is anti-Biblical.  As
> such, I am inclined to treat this as non-Biblical and not show
> the maps that
> come with the module, but provide a strong suggestion that one of the LRs
> map as they go.
> I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this subject.
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